What interconnects work well with Mcintosh Gear?

Hi Guys for the first time in my 20 year adventure for the purchase of high End audio equipement, I finally decided to try Mcintosh gear. I have a MC 2105 Amplifier and a c31v audio/video control center Preamplifier. I was wondering what interconnects will match well with these components? Not looking to spend a ton of money. Any Thoughts?
As a long time Mcintosh owner I have tried a few from Monster, to Audio Magic to Harmonic Tech to Tara labs and finally Cardas. I would say the Tara Labs were very good.
I am selling some see my ad. But for the ultimate the Golden Reference Cardas seem to complete the sound I was looking for.
I was using Audio Art IC-3 from my MA-6100 ( used as pre amp) to my MC 2105 amp. I found they worked very well.I also use their SC-5 speaker cables from the 2105. Excellent performance for not alot of $$$.My Dad is currently using the IC-3 from his C-28 to 2105 also and loves it.
I've used Many Kimbers, Tara Labs, MIT, PS Audio, Silver Audio, Synergistic Research and a few others. Analysis Plus beats them all and even better are JPS Labs Superconductors. The latter just really open up the tube gear and make it incredibly dynamic and transparent with improved imaging and soundstage depth.
I second the recommendation on the Audio Notes...the Lexus also is a fine cable, and relatively affordable. Also the Monster Sigma Retro Gold for MAC tube amplification.
I have both Mapleshade Excalibur Plus and Nordost Quatrofil. I prefer the Mapleshade. The Mapleshade seems to have better initial attack and is more open and transparent compared to the Nordost. They look a bit "fragile" with the clear plastic sheath and very thin ribbons, but I have not had any problems at all. The good news is I don't even think about interconnects or speaker cables any more.

Congrats! I am very interested to hear how the system is holding up after all these years.
When it's time to upgrade if you need a plenum Belden type cable you can give part number 1XB88723 a try. It is FEP, Plenum rated and super nice stuff. 

Let me know when you get a chance how its holding up!

I've tried a few different mid-priced brands/models of IC cables with my older McIntosh gear and I've concluded that for the lengths less than 1m-1.5m, I could not hear any difference. Something like the Kimber Kable PJB or similar was good enough..

Like many here, I've tried many cables ( some very pricey) with my Mac gear. Currently using  Signal Cable Silver Resolution ic's and have no desire to change. Very reasonably priced with a trial period,and Frank is great to work with. I use Kimber 8vs for speaker cables, but plan to install Signal Cables in the future.
Forgot to mention I also use Signal Cable copper power cords in the entire system. Plan to try Silvers in the future.