What is on the horizon for POWER!

I found a number of interesting articles here on the future of power needs for Military equipment. My Thought is how long will these ideas take to trickle down to Audio Needs and will they actually deliver something better.
A need for high-density power solutions
Aerospace and Defense High-Density Power Solutions | Vicor (vicorpower.com)


Unless you are running a theater with multiple amplifier banks I don’t know why you’d care a lot about power density.

As for things that trickle down, switch mode power supplies with spread spectrum switching frequencies seem to be pretty cool.  Instead of a fixed switching frequency they move it around, spreading the noise around instead of having one large noise spike, and it's harmonics.  Very cool stuff that.

As a combat systems technologist I see many issues arising when upgrading older ships/subs to more power intensive systems. Specially some of the radar and sonar systems that require large amounts of power usually 240-440v, at hi frequencies like 400hz, then there are also the cooling requirements that are also a huge factor in upgrades. As we get closer to some of the future techs like rail guns lasers etc, the power requirements leap in huge amounts, add to that the storage requirements on top of the delivery requirements make ship born power systems of the future much larger than current designs. that's not even taking into account battle damage requirements for back up and sustained power delivery at reduced capabilities. Future Naval ships and submarines will make more electric power then most small to medium cities require. Larger Naval ships already do. 

Possibly the multitude of people out there spending thousands of dollars on custom Power cables and Power Conditioners! Just a thought. I mean it isn't like there is some precedence for improving Power in your audio system now is there?