What is the best component video cable available?

I am going to be picking up a new component video cable with rca connectors and I need some opinions from my audiogon friends. What is your favorite component video calbe regardless of cost? I am considering Audioquest
YIQ-5, Acoustic Zen Silver Byte component, and Silver Serpent reference cable. Are there any others that I should be looking into? Thanks in advance.
I would not waste much money on component video cables, all the new gear has or will have Digital Video Interface (DVI cable) to pass hi-rez. Just my opinion of course.

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Seriously though, what ia a DVI cable? More info please, Sogood51! Thanks.
Nordost Silver Screen are excellent and there is tremendous differences in video cables if the video playback resolution is capable.
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I am inclined to go with Nordost as well, I had thought, like many that video cables didn't matter, that was until I tried a Nordost Optix S Video cable from my DV-09 to the TV. WOW! The picture was dramatically better. Haven't made the leap the their CVC yet, but will likely soon.

FWIW A DVI cable is a direct digital feed. If you are using an analog display (CRT) you could be better off with component or DVI, depends on the circuitry in the TV/Projector vs the source. DVI is what most computers use to connect to monitors (LCD's), and is interconvertable with HDMI (which is basically DVI with an audo signal as well.

I had a Yiq-5 and replaced it with the Harmonic Tech Silver Component. I would not have believed the difference without seeing it with my own eyes,the Harmonic Tech was way more defined and bright compared to the Audioquest and at a fraction of the cost.
Just my 2 cents,
I have tried many component cables, including some of those listed in this post, and I found the Stereovox RGB component cable to provide superior performance. As an added benefit they have the ability to utilize BNC as well as RCA connectors.
I forgot to add that a close second was the Better Cables Silver Serpent REFERENCE (for less money)....

I'm no video expert by any means..my limited video experience is one RP-hdtv in the living room and a cheap Infocus X-1 projector in my dedicated room.

Kennyt pretty much answered your question regarding what a DVI cable is (Digital Video Interface). Almost all of the new gear has this type or will have..even my Comcast hdtv box has this (not active yet I'm told) for future use.

Costly component video cables will sell used for very little in the very near future. Videophiles are somewhat like Audiophiles..they upgrade very often.

Every dvd player that has hit the market (there have been about 4-5) that could up-convert to 780p or 1080i has had legal action served against if this could be done using component cable output. They quickly left the market.

There will be no hi-def picture over component cable and I fail to see a big difference in picture quality between well made component video cables regardless of price at 480i or 480p. Of course IMHO

I am a member of the camp that believes mega-dollar video cables are largely a waste of money unless you have an absolutely top-end video display/monitor that has been professionally calibrated by an ISF technician. Assuming you have an analog set, the primary technical specification that is of concern in the ohm-rating of the cable: it should be a very accurate 75 ohms. I have tried various video component cables with my Sony WEGA monitor, and eventually selected a set made by BetterCables. I have not used their Silver Serpent Reference cables, but currently am using its predecessor and have been VERY pleased with the performance.
Check out www.thecablepro.com, they will be a review on Ted Paisley's cables in the near future in the Absolute Sound magazine.........Richard
No question- Transparent Reference- enabled the most lifelike, filmlike refernce type system I've ever owned. Wish I still had it.