What is the overall consensus on the CJ Premier 17

I would like to hear from owners and those who have compared this preamp to others in its class.
My current system is solid state and I am looking to introduce tubes into the equation. Currently running a CJ 2200 amp with CJ PFR preamp. My system is listed if other info is needed.
I guess my main question is, will there be a dramatic change for the better or a very marginal one?
One other concern is that I have read about light bass response of the 17 LS. Is this true?
The 17 would be a substantial upgrade to your PFR. I would also suggest you upgrade your amp to a 2250A or 2500A.

I been using a CJPremier 16LS2 with a CJ MF2500A. It`s a Excellent combo sounds really good.I am going to put the MF2500A up 4 sale. I am in the upgrade mode too.If you are
interested let me know. Thank You
I compared the CJ 17 MKI to the ARC LS25 MK II a few years ago. The CJ has a very nice warm sound to it and the ARC is more detailed. Combining the two is what I have been looking for but that has not happened in this price range. I have not heard the 17 MKII which I am under the impression has more details than the MKI.

Hope this helps, Happy Listening.
Czbbcl, I know you have owned the 17LS but do you have experience with the PFR?
I have heard the PFR as compared to my then PV-10A. I much prefered the PV-10A simply more detail and clarity to the music. But then I prefer tubes to ss in the pre amp section anyway so my opinion may be biased.