What is your favorite line source speaker?

I am looking for reasonably priced line source speaker. By line source I mean something like the Epiphany. I want it all. Good imaging, transients, midrange, good bass and low level resolution. I am shying away from electrostatics. If you have had a good experience with such a speaker please share it with me. Under $20k please. I like tubes and vinyl. I live in apartment so I don't want it to take up all the space.
Gregadd, here is a super speaker at a very reasonable price. I have heard them several times and personally prefer them to the Epiphany.


Better still, they sell for $5890.00 a pair. A new model is in the works that is the same physical size as the Epiphany, but GR uses 6.5 inch woofers like my Dali's.
Here is a manufacturer making several models you should consider:
Selah Audio .

check out their Xarray and Omegarray--great value. I have heard the Incredarray and it is really a very good speaker.
thanks AL. I hope it doesn't have the "canadian sound". you know like classe' audio which does everything right, but never makes we want to rock with the music.

Wichita Falls, Texas is a long way from Canada :^). I think they will rock, especially after meeting Danny of GR Research.
Albert, several of my friends have offered to take me shopping for glasses. An honest to god DIY kit? High end audio is still alive.
I have to second the recommendation for Selah Audio. Rick Craig has a wide varitey of "designs" that can be adapted to your preferences. He is great to work with and his products are very reasonably priced. His new cabinets are beautiful.
Hey, easy on the "Canadian Sound" thing - everything made up here doesn't sound like Classe...