What model ProAc is this

I purchased them used from the Stereo Exchange, NYC ~1985. (They still sound excellent, btw)



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If the measurements are 33x12x13 with a 10 inch woofer they might be the ProAc EBS.

If they are smaller with a 7 inch woofer they are the Studio one.

Measure the speaker and I will tell you which ProAc you have!

I used to have the EBS. Delightful, with ATC drivers

It's 18in H x 8w x 13 in deep with the grill attached

The woofer is 6.5 in including the surround, The port is the "packed drinking straws"  type

Might be Studio 2's?



As former owner of Studio 2's, I can say these are not Studio 2's, nor are they the EBS's. My guess Studio 3 ??

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