What news in 2023 struck you?


It seems the audio press seems to have no end of press releases to hype, but I'm curious looking back for the year what news regarding the audio industry has most struck you?

For instance, the sale of ARC, and Roon, and B&W (or was that last year) seemed pretty significant.  Class D amps with GaN transistors created a lot of buzz and claims of Class D finally reaching it's promised potential.  Textreme drivers have appeared here and there, as has the Purifi woofer...

I also recall a Monitor Audio prototype that struck me as really innovative. 

What else has stuck in your mind longer than ten minutes this year?


Salk going out of business was a sad surprise for me. I never owned any of their speakers, but it seemed to be a good healthy business, and everyone said that Jim was a good guy. Then I read that the whole thing was up for sale for a couple of hundred thousand dollars.

+1 @viridian Fremer to TAS seemed sacrilegious lol. And @roxy54 I didn't know Salk retired sad news. I'd say the sale of ARC was a big one and I am personally curious about the recent sale of Roon to Harman though I am not a Roon user.


I didn't even know about Salk retiring!  That's a bummer, as I was really curious about the Song 3 Encores.  Always wanted to hear Salks and I was going to find a way to audition them...

The passing of John Strohbeen who kept Lincoln Walsh's design of a coherent speaker alive through the decades.

I have almost an entire month of 2023 to wait for the news that will STRUCK me