What preamp are you using with Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP amp?

Curious to know which preamps owners of the Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP (or non HP) amps are using. I've read a number of comments regarding the Dialogue Premium Preamp used with the HP and I welcome any additional comments regarding that combination, but also curious to see what other combinations are being used. What has worked well, and what hasn't worked well for you? Solid State? Tubes? Maybe mention what type of music you listen to as well. Any and all information is very much appreciated.
I’ll go ahead and mention what I have used to date. I bought the Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP amp a couple of weeks ago. Since I didn’t have a dedicated preamp at the time I used the preamp outputs of my Yamaha AS3000 integrated amp. Sounded very good but it didn’t have the same upper and lower end resolution and definition of the Yamaha used as an integrated amp. I chalked that up to the el34 tubes in the PL, but definitely got the attributes of a tube amp with strong solid sound, more space, texture etc. I still love the Yamaha buts it’s the difference between good SS versus good tubes.

My original intention was to pick up a matching PL Dialogue Premium preamp but I have read a number of user comments praising the PS Audio BHK Signature preamp and decided to pick up a used one (I also have the PS Audio Directstream Jr and love it). Wow, that made a substantial difference. It took the things I liked about adding the tube amp to the system plus it has bettered the things I liked about using the Yamaha as just an integrated.  There’s a really tight, textured sound throughout the audio band with the BHK that I wasn’t quite expecting. Thus far I’m really impressed with the Primaluna/BHK pre combination but we’ll see after the honeymoon period where’s off.

I would still like to hear the PL preamp though just to compare. I may end up grabbing one and doing some comparisons.

@arch2 I just received a PL Prologue Four amp from Upscale, one week ago. I have 101db speakers (Zu Omen Def II, also new). I sold my Schiit Freya pre a few days after receiving the amp (too noisy w/tubes in circuit). Ergo, was also in a pre pickle. Borrowed a buddy's ancient Bryston .5B & Sonic Frontiers. Dug the latter, but no remote, also tube noisy. 

Decided to find a simple SS pre for short term, until I figured out. Bought a Pro-Ject DS pretty much randomly. Day 3 with that and it's a tiny little thing, working just fine. Zero noise. Simple credit card remote. Doesn't have the in your face resolution, but actually on the Zu that's a good thing (also everything is breaking in, so who knows in a month). 

I too am eyeballing a PL pre. Buying from Upscale sure is reassuring re their service, warranty, etc. 

But, maybe I'll go nuts on a primo SS like you did...let's keep in touch. 
Running a PL Dialogue Premium with a Evo 400 (latest version of HP) on Zu Omen Def MK II / Radian and really happy thus far. I am using a combo of Mullard, Brimar CV4003  and KT150 power tubes. 
I was at Axpona this weekend and listened to the new Primaluna Evo gear with Golden Ear speakers. Fantastic sound. Makes me want to pick up a Dialogue preamp to go with my Dialogue HP, but man I’m really dig’n the PS Audio BHK and PL combo. I was really surprised to see the new Primaluna Evo 100 DAC. I didn’t realize PL was even offering a DAC until I saw it on Friday. I may have to give that a shot. Great fun this weekend.
arch2 OP

The "black wavy" line is how this amp behaves (frequency response) into a not too severe Kantor simulated speaker load. As you can see it’s got plus and minus 7db peaks and dips, you need to "counter" this if you wish to have nice flat frequency response.

I think one of these between preamp and poweramp or between source and preamp, will work out very nicely to get a good flat in room frequency response.Then you can "counter" the peaks and dips. https://www.schiit.com/products/loki

This is why it’s always better to get a poweramp that stays close to flat in frequency response with simulated speaker load.

Cheers George
Just to give you an idea, what the Kantor simulated speaker load is and how it measures here it is, notice the impedance dips at 200hz and 4.5khz. And peaks at 65hz 1.5khz and 10khz
Then look at the frequency response (black wavy line) of the Prima Luna in my last post, it can’t supply power into this hence mimics this Kantor load with it’s uneven frequency response by + - 7db!!

Cheers George
georgehifi. you refer to the Kantor load as not "too severe" but it *is* quite severe running off the PL's 16 ohm tap (you failed to mention that the measurement was done off this tap). A quick look at the load's dip at 4500hz should convince everyone that this load isn't a good one for the PL at least not off that tap. 

if the speaker is efficient however, you can expect completely different results driven off the PL 4 ohm tap.
That link is the 8ohm tap here is the 4ohm, not much better and still behaves like a tone control.

But its sonic signature will be far from neutral, especially with lower-impedance speakers.—John Atkinson

As for the Kantor simulated load being as you say "quite severe"
" The load is "moderately" demanding but not untypical John Atkinson".

George. You are looking at the wrong review. Your charts are for Stereophile PL Prologue measurements. The OP was clear that this post is about the  Dialogue Premium HP.

Here's the prologue measurements  ...


Here's the Dialogue Premium HP measurements (apparently Stereophile tested the Integrated only, but amp is the same from what I understand) ...


as is easily seen - a vast difference in frequency response.

@arch2 have you ever try to run bhk pre onto as3000 power amp ? I just order the dialogue pre and I will try to run it to my as2100 power amp since the Yamaha is so dead quiet  that make me think of tube pre into SS amp , hope the combo work out for me lol
I'm running mine with a Manley Shrimp, and a Manley Chinook phono pre. Has a great wide soundstage, although separately all the components I am using do in their own right. Took a little bit of tube rolling to tailor to my ears.  Vinyl and CD sound amazing!  I also have a McIntosh C-45 that I would like to try to see what results I get.  Just a great amp for the money!  In the future I would like to get another one to try them as monoblocs.