what’s a song cover that you think is better than the original?

The first ones to come to mind are Whitney’s version of I Will Always Love You and Allen Stone’s Georgia On My Mind but I would love to hear other contributions as well! I feel like there are a lot of songs where a covered version gets more popular than the original and people end up not realizing that it is a cover (ex. i had a friend that genuinely believed the Jonas Brothers wrote Year 3000). so, what‘a a song that was written by one artist but (figuratively) owned by another?


Angelina Jordan - "Suspicious Minds" (Elvis Cover)


Angelina Jordan - "Easy On Me" (Adele Cover)


Virtually... ALL... covers by Elvis... are better than the originals... not only more talent reflected, but also, better production values...

Never My Love live from a concert on The Fifth Dimension's greatest hits LP. I guess they never recorded it. I wasn't expecting it and it floored me. Marilyn McCoo at her considerable best. Wonderful sound.

Clapton's cover of JJ Cale's "Cocaine"--much more impactful like the drug itself


Marcus Mumford--I Was Young When I Left Home--not sure if it was performed outside of the concert for Llewelyn Davis but it's exquisite

The Animals' version of 'House of the Rising Son' kind of redefined it like Hendrix did with 'Watchtower'....