What's the next upgrade step??

Right now my analog gear consists of Basis 1400, Origin Live Silver tonearm, Clearaudio Sigma MC and Lector tube phono system.
Looking to see what the upgrade path is from here. I have no real complaints. Possibly could use a little more mid-range lushness and bass detail. I have always heard that the order of vinyl upgrade is table> tonearm> cartridge.
Any suggestions? Or just leave well enough alone and get more LP's?
Leave well enough alone and get more LP's and a RCM if you don't already have one.
What does your table sit on? A deadicated stand, sand or shot fillable may be what you are looking for in your present system.
Good Luck
I have changed things more than a couple of times and always found that once I have a good arm, cartridge upgrades provide more bang for the buck. Moving from one top grade arm to another may change color, etc, but I could live with a Phantom, SME, VPI, Triplanar, etc.
For more midrange lushness you might want to look at other cartridges than Clearaudio. Maybe a Shelter 501 or Benz cartridge.

You can experiment with different brands of tubes. Also resistance loadings
if your unit allows.
You're system is pretty well balanced. Are you looking to replace the whole thing? If so, what's your budget? If you're willing to go for it, I would suggest moving up in the Basis line to the 2000 and going with their Vector arm and pairing it with one of the Transfiguration carts but that will run you over $8000 list. You could do it in steps in just about any order with good results. In your case I would prioritize the arm, then cart, then table.

On another tack, you could try TWL's lead outrigger weight tweek for almost nothing - effective, reversable and fun.

dealer disclosure.
I I second the TWL mod: