What's your favorite lyric from a song?

Just curious what stays with people...
We taught the brat
we taught the brat
we taught the brat with a baseball bat,
Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Owow Yeah.

From the Ramones first album.

On the other hand, I also like the lyrics to "Across the Universe" by John Lennon.
"there are places I remember,all my life though some have changed" "In my life" Beatles

"it's a little bit funny ,this feeling inside"
"Your Song" Elton John B. Taupin

"Got ona bus to Memphis,destination Rome"
"Multocolored Lady" Gregg Allman

"And it stoned me to my soul"
"And it stoned me" Van Morrison

"All you'll ever get from her is long distance love"
"Long distance love" Little Feat"

"He's my man and I've been doing him wrong"
"God Song" Beth Orton

"I can't do my homework anymore!!"
"Homework" Peter Wolf