what should I get to replace what I am planning to try

So I have speakers that are too close to the wall. The image is now actually behind the wall, which is in the kitchen. But I can't sit in the kitchen too long my wife is mad. 

I was thinking that it must be my tube amp, right? If I had better speaker cables, I could spend all that leftover money on a sub. Btw my budget is unknown and so my room dimensions. (it's a triangle shape though). 

Please help!


Yes… I get the joke about sitting in the kitchen. But what is the issue? You want a smaller soundstage?

My sound stage goes way back behind the wall and my speakers are four feet from the wall.. this is an asset not a problem. 

Also, yes, the tube amp has nothing to do with the image depth… necessarily.

The image is all in your mind.  I suggest you close your eyes while listening and problem solved.   You're welcome.  Cheers.

EASY fix,turn the system around so it faces INTO the kitchen,thus reversing the sound stage to project into the listening area.


Thanks...I thought that it was just me. I haven't heard anyone here complain about excessive image depth before, but moving the speakers would seem to be a simple solution.