Allnic 1201 replacement tubes?

Hello all ...I have an Allnic 1201 phonostage and I think the Mullard E180CC’s are nearing the end . Should I pick up the same NOS Mullards are there alternatives where I won’t lose performance? 
Also they seem difficult to pull . Like they are loose at bottom and will just rip apart but I might be overthinking it..? Thanks 

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The sockets are specially cushioned to isolate them from vibration. Is that what you mean by loose? If so, that is normal and built in to the chassis. I don’t think you can damage anything by removing and replacing a tube.
There is/was a special tube puller "claw" that came with the h3000 phono stage to remove the tubes from the gel sockets. Is the same true with the 1201?
Yes the 1201 has the gell sockets as do the other Allnic phono stages and you should use the puller provided by Allnic to remove the tubes. Also note that when Allnic introduced the 1202 they offered everyone who owned the 1201 a new set of replacement tubes just for the asking, you just had to reference the serisl # of your unit and did not need to be the original purchaser, might behoove you to reach out to a dealer. Enjoy the music
thanks guys ...Albert Porter also explained about the gel platform ...I bought this used and don’t think I have the tube puller . Albert recommended something wood of plastic to pry So I don’t get a voltage shock from built up caps . Thanks
FWIW, the puller in quesrion looks like an enlarged staple puller and works the same way. Did you ask Albert about the give away tubes? Enjoy the music
I did ask Albert , he didn't know anything other than standard warranty replaces tubes within a year for free... 🤷🏻‍♂️ thanks 
I would be very careful without the tube puller tool.   It’s a bit challenging even with the tool.
@pops I found the tool , it is very difficult to pull tubes , you’re right ! What a hassle . On top of that , now my left side is acting up , low volume and not as full , like a cold solder joint , 😫 even changed tubes , same result . 
I’d come contact Albert Porter , he’s your man . Hooked me up with new Allnic 1202 , great guy . Good luck ! 
tommy, did the left channel problem occur before or after you had attempted to pull tubes (with or without the tube puller)?  Also, have you now replaced the old tubes with new?  Simplest thing to do first is to swap the tubes on the R channel with those on the L channel, and see whether the problem flops over to the R.  If it does, then go back to the old tubes or install the new ones, whichever you have not done yet.
pretty sure its a cold solder joint in my Manley preamp , it seems to have gone away for the time being ...

I've swapped tubes L/R , its really intermittent ...
Hi Tommy
One Moore question,
Can I use the JJ E34L in my T1800, these tubes are a little different then others, see link
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