What speaker could safely be ordered without hearing it first?

Hi everyone,

I’m in the midst of my speaker search and curious about something.......as noted above. There are some brands I would be interested in based on reputation, reviews, looks etc but may never be able to hear first.

I’m curious what the collective group thinks would be a safe choice having never heard them first. I know there are variables as in size of room, current gear etc. Just want to see what people would suggest. The one I would note based on what I have read is Joseph Audio. I’d also be curious if people would say the same about Borresen.

So it may be a frivolous exercise but I’ll ask the question anyway. Let me know your thoughts.


@thecarpathian I have pulled the Elector out of my lakehouse system to rotate in a tube preamp.  But yes, I still enjoy it.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a home demo of any speakers I’ve bought.

I just bought Dynaudio Heritage Specials. I’ve never even heard them. I did own Dynaudio Special 40’s so I think I’ll like the HS

I usually will demo a speaker .... at shop or in home preferably.      I bought my last 4 pair at dealer after a demo.   I recently ordered a pair of Omega Super Alnico Monitor sight unseen.    

I have a pair of Forte IV in my listening room and the Omega are for a compact bedroom system.    I was looking for something way different that any speaker that I have owned in the past.   I also have a pair of Sonus Faber Concerto that I will swap out occasionally.   Looking forward to hearing a crossover -less speaker in each system actually.    Will try them with my 300b,  40w monos , and new solid state integrated.   

Omega has a 30 home trial.....  I should have them in a few weeks

You can't go wrong with Wharfedale Linton speakers for the money $1499 with stands in which I highly recommend. The bass is good without exaggeration , the mid-range is great and the high end doesn't give me listener fatigue. If you buy them new.....give 'em 200+ hours to break in to get the richest sound. These Lintons are in my second stereo system and I really like 'em !

If skeptical, you can always return them to Crutchfield for a nominal price within their 60 day return period.