What spkr cable should i consider???

Hey everyone, i am looking for a around 10 -15 foot pair or good speaker cables , and i cant spend over arond 100 maybe a few bucks more... I have a NAD C-370 and JBL ND310 speakers, I was looking at audioquest type4 and some of the cheaper kimber kable like 4pr.what else would you reccomend thanks..o yea and my interconnects are Clarity Wires "emberglow" which can be found at www.responseaudio.com
Check out the Wireworld cables at Audioadvisor.com

They also have a clearance on Audioquest Slate Standard for 50% off list which put them under $100. Lengths from 8 to 40 feet. They also have MIT Terminator cables cheap.

Look into some Axon 8. It is a pretty decent cable for the money and runs about $2 per foot unterminated. Probably better than anything else that you'll find at close to the price. I would NOT wire it in the configuration that they tell you to from the factory though as there is a MUCH better way to do it. If you need further info, drop me an email. Sean
With out a doubt, Mapleshade Golden Helix. I went from Analysis Plus Oval 9 to a double run of Helix on my Cary & Soliloquy system. Very pleased.
Find out whats in your speakers and use same cable.
There is something about synergy that just makes it work.
The Audioquest Slate or Indigo. I think they are the best cheap cable. Sugarbrie is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In your price range, I agree that the discount Audioquest Slate for Audio advisor is by far the best option.
...Whats in my speakers, well its definetly no cardas... its just some 16 gauge i think, basic cables..i imagine thats whats in alot of speakers in the $700 dollar range. Thanks everyone
Analysis Plus' whole line is excellent. I recommend all of their stuff. Their new Clear Oval can be had for $115/10ft.
Visit any near-by Sam-Ash music store or any store that retails musical instruments and buy the speaker 10AWG cable for as low as $20 for all the length you need. Cheep price and great performance. Believe it or not, but I am going to sell my JPS labs Superconductor in favor of those!
Given the length of speaker cable you need, and the money you have to spend, I'd strongly recommend you think about the Kimber Kable 4VS. Last time I checked the price, it was about $3 a foot. The internal wire configuration is the same as the 4TC, but the outer dielectric is different (not teflon, as with the 4TC). The 4VS is a pretty decent speaker cable for the price, and Kimber's lower-priced products have always offered a lot of value.
Sheldon 60 is right. Mapleshade Golden Helix destroyed my biwired Kimber 8TC at substantially less cost.