What to do with old set of audio equipment?

Hi everyone - 50+ years ago my father put together a nice audio system in a custom cabinet.   I'm now refinishing the cabinet and I'm wondering what I should do with the equipment?    It has a Scott Model 222C amplifier, a Garrard Auto Turntable - Type A Mark II and a Viking reel-to-reel system.   I also have a nice set of the original documents as well (not sure how they held up so well!)

I'm sure the equipment needs work - the amp does power up and the tubes all seem to light up, but I have no idea if it will play as it is.  The turntable powers up but I'm sure it needs parts to fix it up.   I haven't done anything with the Viking equipment.   It was all stored in a basement for the past 30 years.

Is there somewhere I can take them to get them refurbished?   I'm thinking the best option may be to sell it to a shop or someone who refinishes them but I'm looking for ideas.   

Thanks for your help.

What you got there, once everything is refurbished back to like new or at least reliably useable, would probably be a pretty cool keepsake. More than likely could be made to look and sound awfully good. What you would do for that is completely different than what you would do to unload for some cash. So what is it you're trying to accomplish, exactly?
If I could get the amp and turntable working, I'd definitely keep them since they are some of the only things I have left from my father.    But I would need someone else to fix them up for me.  How do I go about finding someone who fixes stuff this old?
Get it restored. A lot of things that we keep for nostalgic or sentimental purposes gets put in a drawer and forgotten. Getting your father’s old stereo restored will provide music throughout your home, become a conversation piece, and a nice reminder of your father. All wins in my book.
Looking at Ebay's completed listings shows that these sell for anywhere from $250.00 to $500.00
I live in Virginia - north-western part.   If anyone knows of any places relatively close to that where I can get them restored, please let me know.

And thanks for all of the responses.   I'm restoring the cabinet unit my father made and if I can keep the electronics as well, that would be great.    I was surprised, but I tested the speakers (figured they may have degraded after 50 years) with new equipment and they worked great!

Try http://musictechnology.com in Springfield, Virginia. Bill Thalmann and his folks specialize in the repair of vintage tube equipment.