What to drive my RS 2b's Infinity

I currently am trying a bryston 3b on the low end
and a SUMO nine on the mid-highs

I feel it is a bit underpowered.

Any experience out there with these speakers ?

I had these for a long time, still with Infinity, now have IRS BETA. RSIIb not an easy load, quality of amplifiers will be revealed best results with 200w/ch+ solid state with high current on the bottom and 100w/ch+ tube amp on the top. Good interconnect and speaker cable a must.
Tube preamp will help too. All the higher-end Infinity models of this era were voiced with Audio Research. Although these are no "spring chicken" these days, you'll be hard pressed to find better sound if properly amplified.

Keep the Infinity flame burning, and good luck!

I recommend a good tube preamp driving an InnerSound ESL amp. The InnerSound amp is designed to drive the most difficult speaker loads and it will deliver 600 watts per channel into 4 ohms and 1200 watts/channel into 2 ohms. It's a great sounding amp that makes most other decent amps sound wimpy by comparison!
I have owned a pair of RS 2b's, RS 1b's, Delta/Gamma's . wich I am using at this time. Right now I am running the Delta/Gamma's with a Plinius SA 250 mk III,and the sound is warm and wonderful. I have tried ,on all the above Infinty systems ,Krell KSA 250,KMA 100's mk II,Parasound HCA 3500, Adcom 5800, Mark Levinson No. 333, Accuphase amps, etc. The Krells had great low end punch, but the Plinius makes those Infinity emits and planer mids sound so warm ,like a tube amp. I would try a Plinius SA 100 or SA 250 , It will drive your speakers well, since Plinius amps can run in class A/AB
Hi Drguayo,
I am diver, from Italy; I've had RS Ib and now I'm delighted with an IRS V System.
My experience with RS 1b was bass towers amplified with KRELL KSA 100 II, that work 200+200 wrms on 4 ohms, and ARC CLASSIC 120 for the wings.
I listened that times in a quite normal room, but if you have a large one I suggest ARC CL 150 on the wings.
Happy New Year.
Thanks to everyone for posting.
Due to sourcing equipment and the bargains to be had locally - I am going with bryston 4b on the bottom and
2 krell kma-100mkII on top. I will keep you posted on how they sound( I don't have everything in yet ).
I have problem find a user manual to connect my rs 1b which I bought them used. Anyone can help!!!!!!!!!!!!
For years I drove my RS-2B;s with a Bryston 4B on the woofers and a conrad-johnson MV-52 on the mids and tweets, with an ITI parametric EQ replacing the Infinity unit.

I have been collecting some gear so I can do some serious mods to these speakers. I am going to add four more EMITS to each one and run them as triamped line arrays, using Bryston 7B NRB's on the woofers, the c-j MV-52 on the EMIM's and mono'd and modded Dynaco Stereo 35's on the EMITS. The crossovers will be Bryston 10B-LR's. Infinity guru Bill Legall has reassured me that these mods should be well worth my effort.