Whats better then PS Audio P300? ? ? ? ?

Hello all
I own a PS Audio P300 with multiwave and I am quite pleased with the sound. I have most of my front end plugged into it. My Copland CTA305 preamp, Genisis Digital Lens, Vecteur D2.2 transport all experience an improvement when plugged in to the Powerplant...( my Kora Hermes Dac sounds worse though.) The problem is the thing runs to hot for my room, and seems to be adding about $50 a month to my hydro bill. (the price to pay for a power regenerator). Can anyone recommend a power conditioner that wont detract from the sound the way most conditioners do? I've heard great things about the Shunyata Hydra (a little pricey though), and Audiomagic Stealth....any comments?
Thanks for your help guys

Funny dude, I find the PS Audio regenerators are doing, just what you don't want them to. Anyway, I'm a big Audio Magic fan. The Shunyata, as well, is a killer power conditioner, but I like the Audio Magic more. I did a review way back so I'm not going into the whole 9. Shunyata, pricey? Not compared to that PS Audio that will only accept front end. I'd go with an Audio Magic Stealth, or start with a Mini Digital for your front end. After you hear what you've been missing, you can get another Mini Stealth for your big boys. Or you can go for the gusto (now we're talking a bit pricey) and get the Eclipse which totally isolates (via two power cords) analog and digital. That's where I'm at now, but I started with everything I just mentioned. peace, warren
if you really want a great power conditioner get a 'powerwing' from audioexcellenceaz.com.....alan kafton makes them..same person that makes the audiodharma cable cooker that is,imo,the best at doing that also.i have owned the ps 300 and 600 and the shunyata hydra and the 'powerwing' is much better then all three and runs as cool as a cucumber.good luck
I second the Audio Magic Stealth or Eclipse.
I travelled almost the same route as Warren .
Went from a Chang,to an PS Audio Ulimate outlet combo
to a PS Audio P-300.I thought I hit paydirt.After about
6 months it broke down and found out how good my system sounded without the damm thing.
Along came a spider and it was in the form of Audio Magic but it didn't scare me that it looks cheap and doesn't have the 'professional' review accolades.
What these units do is simply amazing.Soundstage so deep it has no end.Micro dynamics are not hidden as in other forms of conditioning and no colorization.
The best I have come across.And uses no AC power a bonus for sure.

I'm already using tons of power conditioning. I've got a Mini Stealth, Bybees, Shaktis, BC86s, and some ERS paper. I'm also using a conditioner with a huge isolation transformer(similar to the BPTs only it's not balanced). Would I further benefit from adding a Digital Stealth for my DVD player or should I go for a "Balanced" conditioner such as the BPT or Blue Circle Music Ring?


I loved my Balanced Power BP Jr. II. I didn't like the P300 because it made my tube gear sound like SS--not that there's anything wrong with that! But I generally like the sound of tube gear . . . The BPT JR just gets out of the way and let's my VTL and Rogue do their thing.
I had two PSAudio P 300s at one time. In fact I have had at various times 38 different filters or conditioners. I had settled on what I find best for my system and rashly assumed it was best for any system. Then I tried it is another system and found I was wrong. I strongly suspect there is no one "silver bullet."
Power conditioner is highly system dependent, so you really have to try several before you find the best for you. Individual component favors one power conditioner over the other. For example, PS audio P-300 does a magic job for Accuphase E-306V, but doesn't seem to benefit Benchmark DAC-1. Like audio components, every power conditioner has its characteristics and system matching is the key.
I have tried 37 or so filters on a broad variety of components. I find I must disagree with you about component dependency. I have found 4 filters that stand above the others-the Sound Application Line Stage, the Equi=Tech Q1.5, the Velocitor, and the Reimyo. I have since found the IsoClean system far surpasses all of them as all of them surpassed the PSAudio.
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