whats the beat on MIT cables

I've been thinking of upgrading my cables on an adcom reference system and the MIT cables have been suggested due to their warm presence on solid state equip and nice soundstage they present. People in the know, could you please be of some help. Working with a somewhat bright pair os speakers. Canton ergo 102
I think mit does not let the music flow. Might be the network boxes. Presently listening to Goertz MI cables, so far I think they do what the mit's don't - let the music OUT.
I have a all Linn,(almost all)system. I replaced Linn LK-400 with the MIT-4 BI-wire(couple of years ago)it was OK, till i tried Audioquest Crystal's BI. I thought,they were a bit "cleaner" "sharper" then MIT. However, best thing is to try them in your system, and with the variety, of different kind's of music-for the long term satisfaction. Good Luck!
MIT's are such cables that no other can beat them. Audioquests are always bright with less bass response because of solid cores inside. MIT's have to be burned in definely for 150-200 Hours first (Factrory says 48 hours but needs more) The magic on MIT's are the output impedance matching circuits, so you have less sharp and smooth trebles (this denies some people), very open midrange and very good bass. Forget about these tree, the soundtage and depts are much more better than any cable I heard. I recommend you not to go with Terminator series but go with MH-750 speaker and MI-330 interconnet series (a lot of second hand at this site) Good Luck..
I have listened to allot of decent low to mid-priced cables and MIT high end Series cables in a system with the right highly rated components will greatly complement the sound in all areas.M I T as well as some other unique cable companies offer a 30 day money back guaranty,as they realize that there is no one component that works well in all systems.
MIT SHOTGUN 330'S HAVE EASILY BEAT THE FOLLOWING IN MY SYSTEM (between Krell amp and preamp): MIT 350 Reference, Transparent Reference, Cardas Neutral Reference, AudioTruth Diamond, and Harmonic Technology Pro Silway 2. ALPHA CORE SUCKS, DON'T GET WITHIN A MILE OF IT, DUDE...