Whats the Best Cartridge for a LP12 w Ittok $ 500

Linn LP12 with Lingo and Ittok LVII ARM . I am using a Grado Gold with a Sonic Frontiers SF Sig 1 in the factory settings which is for HO MM. I prefer to leave the SF alone. I think the compliance match is not great with the Grado, my Aerial woofers move in and out wildly. But I still dont understand the compliance issue compleatly! Sounds fine though. I was considering a new Shure V15. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Below $ 500.00 as business Sucks now. Thanks !
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I've been using a Dynavector 10x4, list $325, and it works terrifically well with the same TT & arm as yours. Here's a review with it on the same set-up:
I have always used van den Hul cartridges on my LP-12 w/Akito and have loved them. First I had the MM-1 (moving magnet, no longer in production) which sold for $500 and then I moved up to the MC-One Special (list $1350 but sometimes for sale used). Both sounded great on my Linn and worked very well.