When is Apple going to have an Iphoto that runs on El Capitan?

Mistakenly, I updated to El Capitan expecting as had always been the case that all programs will be updated,  but all that I  can find is Photos, which can do very little to help correct photos. Apple has also made such that one cannot go back to Mountain Lion. Also, Apple is really pushing Icloud, which strikes me as a sure target of hackers. I want nothing to do with it.

I also upgraded to El Capitan, but "Photos" was already installed on my computer by Yosemite. Photos has editing tools like Enhance, Rotate, Crop, Filter, Adjust, Retouch, Red-Eye and Extensions. I haven’t used them yet, but I don’t expect anything beyond basic editing ( as it was in Iphoto). I remember that "Aperture" was available at one time at $75. It supposed to be user friendly carrying abilities of IPhoto (replaces Iphoto). I bought Pixelmator for $25 - amazingly powerful program at tiny fraction of Photoshop. As for El Capitan - it works fine - zero problems on my 16GB Mac Mini. It also replaced Snow Leopard on my wife’s 4GB laptop. It runs faster on both computers. Faster isn’t perhaps the right word (I have no way to measure it) - it is more agile, meaning that files,windows etc. open faster.

I would follow Apple. Everything they do is right so far. Yosemite for instance introduced opposite direction of screen scroll with my touchpad (documents move in direction of the hand). I have to admit that, after getting used to it, they were right - it feels more natural that way.