When someone sells a Arcam cd92,what next?

Curious as to what people have moved up to after selling a cd92,since these are quite good players.
What happened?! You were all about the cd92! I mean, I know people change their minds, but I am really suprised. You almost had me thinking about getting one.....oh!
Oh i am not selling,I just wondered what people buy next,since these are so good,and also are a decent price to
I went to the CD23. Then, with some spare change buring a hole in my pocket, I bought an Electrocompaniet.

Both the 92 and the 23 were champs.
I did sell my cd92,bought a cd33 listened for a few months ,but couldnt get over that something was missing,so i bought another cd92,to me there is no comparison,my only question is why did Arcam get rid of the ring dac,it wasnt for the fact of better sound.
I believe their license agreement with DCS ran out so they had to go with something else