Where can I get Vaic mesh plate 45 tubes?

I need a fresh set of 45's for my new amp that is being made. I have heard the the Emission Labs(Vaic) AV VT 45 is a good one. They have mesh plate and solid plate versions. Anybody got some advice on these or other 45 tubes? I want a really good set for this Berning ZOTL 45 that I'm getting. I need to know where to get them and how much they cost for a pair. Thanks.
You should go for some old 45 tubes, the older the better...
Don't waste your money on any NNS(New New Stock) tubes. Not even the NNS WE 300B can reach the superior sonic standard of the old WE 300B.
I never heard any type of NNS tube which sounds good.......
Your special 45 amp deserves the best 45 tubes........

You can directly contact Jac who is the factory representative for these tubes. Email him on info@jacmusic.com. You can also view the website at jacmusic.com

We have used AVVT mesh-plate 2A3's and they have performed very well.

Regards, Richard.