where does it end? when can i start listening?

don't get me wrong i am a mid 50's audio nut and i have been that way for 30 years within a limited budget. now i am into power cords and they do make a huge difference.i love the sound i am currently getting from my system but when does it end. i have hospital grade outlets - now there are ps audio outlets. what about the line to my fuse box? then one can fret about the power line to the house. we can go on and on til we upgrade the lines all the way to power plants but after 9/11 i don't think that will work, to much security. i guess that is the hobby but one must stop and listen and not not worry about what is next.
Pbb, Is right. The problem is that you think you get a bigger orgasm for a 2K CD player than a $20 CD; possibly? Best, Charlie
It ends like anything else, when the cost is larger than the benefit. Not that I think you are being obsessive, but the fact that you wrote this thread tells me that you should have a beer. Happy Holidays.
It ends when you start listening to the music and stop listening to the system. Isn't that what it's all about? I personally think it's time to start seeing the forest from the trees. For most of us, it's our love of music that put us into this hobby in the first place. So, pour a glass of wine, shut off the lights, put on your favorite musical performance and put things back in perspective. Enjoy!
If you aren't listening now it never will end. It's not about equipment, it's about the music.

The single most important thing involved in your listening pleasure is you imagination. Your system, no matter how good is never going to sound like live music. It's not live music.

The people who enjoy their music the most are those with the imagination to fill the gaps. Do you want to enjoy the music? Decide to enjoy the music!
1. Tweeking systems is its own hobby. If you enjoy it, why end it?

2. Listening probably begins when the search for new source material takes more of your time than (1) above.