besides audiogon, any other sites for used cables, also besides usedcables.com? they only update once/week and dont have a huge list of what i need.

looking for 5 cables. 3 should be audioquest lapisx3 or diamond (RCA both ends, 1.5m length) and 2 should be cardas golden ref, golden cross or also lapis x3 (RCA both ends and 2m length).

thanks all!
baz - in search of the perfect home theater...
Try this:
If it doesn't work try: usedcable.com
good luck.
umm. plz read my statement above. i asked for a site BESIDES the only one you mentioned. but thanks anyway. know any others??? baz
Try www.Audioadvisor.com. There inventory varies but sometimes you can get brand new cables for half of retail. On top of that they have a 30 day no questions return policy.
I believe The Cable Company is the same as www.fatwyre.com. Good stuff for a good price.
Baz, try the "competition" i.e. Audioweb, Audioshopper, etc... AA just opened up a section to sell used gear, so you might want to check that out too. Not much there yet though....

Quite honestly, i'd try posting a "wanted" ad at A-gon. State EXACTLY what you are looking for or are willing to accept. You might be surprised at how effective this is. Sean