Where to get hi end cables reterminated

I just bought a pair of Siltech Ftm-4 Gold G3 interconnects that arrived damaged and I am looking to find a company that can repair them back to original factory specs, or at least close. They have WBT-0150 connectors on them and I would like to have them functional instead of just sitting in an old box, unused.

If you have a recommendation for this repair, I would greatly appreciate it.
I agree with Tpreaves. If you want them repaired check with Spearit Sound, they should be able to help you.
Moon audio comes highly recommended,contact Drew Baird.Take a look at their website for examples of his work.
I tried to send them back to the seller. No luck there and Agon ruled on the dispute as the seller refund 60 bucks back, won't even pay for one wbt connector, and the seller ignored the ruling to even refund the 60 bucks. Extremely disapointed with both the seller and the Agon ruling.
I;ll check out the recommendations. Thanks.
I've asked of the original cable maker for some reterminations due to desire though, not damage, and have gotten some mixed feelings there. Some of these reterminations are mighty pricey! If they'll still do them. Other unlike cable makers have told me outright they'd not redo some other brands at all!

I do not get it, but there it is. I'd follow up with the posts here for such things as I guess you've already asked Silteck, and then this post.

Very good luck... I would think too, to redo both wires on which ever ends, the same way. Meaning, if only one end of one wire is bad, do that end on both wires if it's done at all.
I would put parts connexion on the list.

Please let us know how this turns out as I have a PC I would consider cutting in half.

I had Nick Gowan at True Sound fix some Audio Note cables and they were fine. I do not know if he would fix yours however but you may want to give him a shout if Siltech does not suit your needs.

I sent some $600 or so RCA's to get a loose solder joint fixed and they came back exactly as I sent them. After MUCH hassle with the (very prominent) company, I decided to fix them myself. It was VERY satisfying! I now make and repair my own IC's and power cords, and no longer do business with the (very prominent)company.
It is not always easy to fix cables, some require very specialized equipment or skills. I have a Mapleshade IC that I showed to a very accomplished technician and he said he wouldn't even try to fix it. If only standard materials are used then a moderately skilled person may succeed but in my more active dealer days I ran into cases of someone who wasn't really messing something up. No company is going to want to straighten out something that has been damaged.