Which amp for Vandersteen 3As?

I am in the process of picking up a very nice pair of Vandersteen 3As. I own several SS amps and am torn between which would be the best match for the Vandys. The amps are: McCormack DNA-125, PS Audio HCA-2, B&K 125.2, B&K 200.7, Adcom GFA-555ii, and a Pioneer Spec-4. The pre-amp will be a Cary SL-100. Any thoughts on which amp would offer the best synergy would be appreciated, especially from current/past Vandersteen owners.
In my many years as a 3A owner, a high current amp with a prominent midrange worked best. The 3A’s have a big sound but musical drive is easily drained. You’ll want the tightest bass possible. Shy away from tube sound emulators.
Try them all and then You tell Us. It’s your system and room.
P.S. The 3A Signature model is Way, Way Better.
That leads me toward the B&Ks, especially the 200.7 - it fits that general description to a T. Even though it is a multi-channel amp, it sounds very good in the stereo mode. The 3A Signatures are no doubt a superior speaker, but I am getting these mint condition 3As for only $800, so I can't complain or lust after other higher-performing choices. Thank you for your insight/input....it reinforces some of what I intuitively felt after hearing the 3As.
That leads me toward the B&K 200.7, which even though it is a multi-channel amp, sounds very good in stereo mode. It can seem a little forward at times, but that may be a good thing with the 3As. It definitely has sufficient power to drive them. I really can't complain or lust after higher-performing speakers since I am only paying $900 for the 3As, especially since they are
literally mint condition cosmetically.
At one time, years ago I traded in my Vandersteen 2ci Speakers for the 3A Speakers.  I drove it with the McCormack DNA125 amp And it seemed to be a perfect match.  McCormack is much more high end than B&K or Adcom and is much better sounding as well.  
I ran my 3a sigs with an unmodded Adcom GFA 555, then a McCormack DNA-1.
Both provided a great sound.
The nice thing is that SMc Audio can upgrade the DNA-1's to whatever you want. They converted my DNA-1's to monoblocks, as well.

If you want to get the most from you Vandy's, I suggest going with either Ayre, Belles, or Atma Sphere (tubes). 
Trust me, I tried everything...
Also, when in doubt, PM John Rutan (audioconnection) for the best Vandy information.
Thanks for the tips, Bob.....from the responses so far, it looks like the 3As will sound good with most amps, but will perform best with modded versions. I'll probably look into having the DNA-125 upgraded since that is the best all-round amp I own. I'll try a couple of my amps with the speakers and see how that goes. My opinion is that I can't lose either way, just make things better.
I would recommend trying out the McCormack amps. I used a DNA-1 with 2ce Sigs. I corresponded with Steve McCormack on a few items. He used Vandersteen 3's in his personal system. He may have voiced his amps with them, not sure. I second the value of having the designer continuing to support the amps with questions, service and upgrades. He is very helpful. Good luck.
Vandy's are not a difficult load for most amps.
McCormack is a good choice.
Belles is also highly recommended.
If you want the best, then Ayre is the way to go.
I only post this because I tried them all.
One thing I will point out is that Vandy's seem to work best with Zero Feedback amps.
I've driven my 3A Sigs with a Krell KAV300i integrated, a Musical Fidelity 308 integrated, a Pass Labs Aleph 3, Audio Research VT200 and Ref 110 (currently).

The Aleph 3 was not powerful enough to really drive them in my larger room. The others were all good with the two 150w SS amps having better bass slam than the tubed ARCs. 

I've added subs and a crossover and now feed the ARC Ref110 a signal crossed over at 100Hz. This combo is the best of all of them.

Even before adding subs I found both ARC amps had plenty of bass extension and slam for me.