Which center for CDM 1se

I'm converting a second stereo system to home theater, but I'm finding it difficult to find a center in the CDM line.

Does anyone have an opinion about which speakers might best match the CDM 1se line? Would a CDM 1NT match well enough?
Be patient, CDM CSEs do show up here from time to time.

I have a pair of CDM 1NTs after upgrading from a different brand - could not make another CDM 1NT or the matching CDM CNT work (too tall to fit in my rack setup).

I went with the CDM CSE (a tad smaller than the CDM CNT) - works quite nicely.

So, I suppose if you can't wait for a CSE to show up, that going the other way with a 1NT would work as well.
Thanks for all of the replies. My thread managed to get a well reviewed Audiogon member to offer up a CDM CNT center.

I'll fill everyone in on how it goes, and how the center's tone matches. I suspect that it will be seamless...