Which Hi-end monitor for near field listening

Looking to buy a pair of monitors for listening within 6-7 feet in small room 11*13*7.5. I hesitate between well known brand: JM Lab Micro Utopia Be, Dynaudio Special 25, Merlin VSM-MX, Totem Mani2 Sig...OR direct manufacturers: Tyler Linbrook monitor, Ellis 1811b which seem to get me same quality for much les money. Any opinions? I'd like the speaker to go down to 50Hz or less, have decent HT capability and DI-SA-PEAR!!!!.
In general my experience has been the floor standers can certainly bring more authority to the music, more often than not bringing the bass down lower and, of course, moving more air in the room. Where I feel that monitors excel is in creating the width and breadth of soundstage, as well as in their disappearing act and imaging. Don't get me wrong, floorstanders can do all that too, and pretty darn well. But I'd say, at a given pricepoint, the monitor will excel those specific areas, especially the later two (again, as a broad generalization). I'd have to agree with Larryi that monitors do not necessarily lend much authority to a convincing full-on orchestral piece. But they do render the more simple acoustic and vocal pieces in very satisfying ways! It just depends upon what you are after, and what programming you listen to most of the time.

GMA Callistos. Awesome. The best sounding monitor I have ever heard. They dissapear and cast a huge soundstage even at low volume and at near field listening.
Genelec active 8030's are $1,100/pr go into the 30's. Huge, dynamic, tight bass for such little speakers - in line with Dynaudio BM-7's ($1,650.00). We like the Genelec's better. Active so amps are built into speakers. Just need CDP with volume.
Before spending big $$ for audiophile stuff, try these pro audio nearfield monitors.