Which HT processors better than Lexicon MC1?

I was wondering which HT + music processors are better than the Lexicon MC1? - in the same price range or lower, of course.

I have heard on this forums and others that Lexcion MC1 is not very good for 2 channel music ... people have opined that it is very 'digital' .. etc etc .. Also as I understand the Logic 7 mode is great for music and the MC1 is great for HT/movies.

So, is there a preamp/processor that does as good a job as the MC1 in the HT department but is a great for 2 channel music also.

Looking for alternatives to the MC1.

Hey Y'all,

Try either of the current Krell Pre/Pro's, I own the Showcase and I could not be happier..........John
How about Anthem AVM2 or AVM20, or Classe SSP-30 MkII. Also, if you are happy with your current home theater processor, you could just add a two channel preamp for music, like an Audible Illusions Modulus 3A, BAT vk-3i, etc. or another model with a home theter pass through. Good luck with whatever you choose.
Cmp, can you tell more on how to add a 2 channel preamp without having an extra set up? I mean let's say I have a MC1, hooked to my amp and speakers. How would I add an extra 2 channel preamp, but yet keep the same set up?

I would suggest the Proceed AVP if you want to go with one box.

To add a dedicate audiophile grade pre-amp to use with your current amp and speakers: you have to POWER OFF your amp, unplug the interconnect of the L and R ch. from your HT processor, and plug it into the L & R ch. output of your audiophile pre-amp. Power up your amp, and there you go. This configuration assume that your source (DVD player or CD player) has already connected to the pre-amp thru another set of cables.

You will save a lot of space and money for a complete second system. Hope this help.
Krell HTS 7.1 or Theta CasablancaIII would be my suggestion, and both are on my current wish list for a new pre/pro that handles HT but yet excells on 2-channel.