Which is better the DA2 in the Mcintosh MA12000 or Bluesound node?

I just replaced my Sonos port streamer with the newest Bluesound Node. Its connected using a Kimber Kable D60 into the Mcintosh MA12000’s DA2 Module.

The sound is sooooooo much better than with the Sonos...a totally different level. The D60 only has about 100 hours on it...so barely broken in! (I replaced the audioquest eagle eye..to be listed for sale on here soon) The System is starting to sound magical!

I guess I am now wondering which DAC is better? Do I leave the system as is...or do I use the DAC in the NODE and run RCA’s into the MA12000?

thanks in advance for any suggestions.


If switching it back and forth is not possible or too much trouble, then here is what I can tell you. I owned the Bluesound and although the DAC is good, I did end up using an outboard DAC and it was much better. Although I have not heard the Mac, I would very much doubt the Bluesound DAC is better. I have compared the Sonos to Bluesound and would say they are equal in quality, not the same sound mind you, just equal quality, with maybe a slight personal preference for the Bluesound. So stick with the Mac is my opinion. Hope this helps a bit. 

The NODE outputs digital and analog signals at the same time.  So I connected both to my McIntosh MX180 and was able to do an a/b comparison by just changing inputs.  The MX180 DACs sounded better to me (although it wasn’t a blind test and I probably convinced myself that a $17k piece of equipment sounded better than a $600 one).  
Btw, does the D60 sound significantly better than the Audioquest?  That will be my next upgrade. 

Hi @randymaqp . I guess I feel the same way. I want to believe the DA2 must sound better..well because its expensive. But we know that's not always the case...but in most cases is. 

Yes the Kimber Kable D60 is a winner. Everything that has been said about it is true. It needs another 100 hours of break in, but so far..amazing. Even before i got the Node, I started the break in using the Sonos Port because I was so excited about it....and it greatly improved the sound of the my System, maybe the biggest single improvement yet....I have Martin Logans ESL 13's and you hear the difference, much more detail and way more musical than the Audioquest.