Which is the best version of Famous Blue Raincoat?

Hi to all,
Being new to this site this question may well have come up before so appologies if its a repeat question.
Does anybody know which is the absolute definitive recording on vinyl of Jennifer Warnes Famous Blue Raincoat album. There seems to be various places of munufacture, ie, UK, USA and Holland. Also is there a 180g/200g pressing of this classic album? If ever there was a case for a top class pressing on say MFSL, half speed etc etc then this is it?!
The Jennifer Warnes website say there will be a re mastered version on cd. Anybody heard any updates on this?
Appreciate any advice on this one.
I don't know about the LP versions but I own a gold limited edition CD from Private Music that sounds great! They were available for a very short time. Not sure how easy they are to find but well worth hearing if you get the opportunity. Agree that it's a great album as are all JW albums IMO.
Back in the day when it was new, it was allegedly the Canadian one, but I'd be hard-pressed to tell you that I could confirm that today. I have several copies of different pressings. I will go listen, compare and let you know. In a few days.
I have just found out that the Jennifer Warnes "Famous Blue Raincoat" is being re released on 12th June 2007 by Shout records on CD & DVD. No news as yet if they intend to do a Vinyl version.

Thanks for your comments so far, much appreciated.
I originally bought it on CD (cat # 258418) and was dissappointed in the sonics. Last year I picked up an LP and it's wonderful (Cypress Records cat# PL90048 - I believe it's a German pressing). The LP isn't very heavy - indeed it's pretty light weight, but the sonics are fantastic.