Which new Reissues are free of pops, ticks etc?

frustrated greetings to all my audiophile friends. I have got so many records the last 15 months, which are made from inferior Vinyl (specially Classic Records, here it is frustrating because their first 180gr Batch is extremely good quality) or probably something else happened with them.

How about a new Thread where a List can be made, which one of the latest reissues is absolutely noise free (you know, that kind of quality we all have from the 70's,80's and 90's, before the Money-Maker-Reissue-Hype rolled over us).
This will probably be a missing target. I imagine, just like in the good ol' days, that different pressings will yield different results.
Hi Pawlo ;),
no discussion about mastering quality (this is an endless Discussion), just about Vinyl. There are only 2 choices:
Has normally nothing to do with Record cleaning etc. These kind of noises I wrote about are in the Vinyl, you can clean them 5 times (or more), there is no chance to get them quiet.
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All of the Speaker Corner reissues I've bought in the last two years have been flawless.

I must admit though, I don't remember any problems with the Classic Reissues either and I have a lot of them.

I wonder if the cartridge and/or set up is playing a role in this?

I'm not at all forgiving of noise, I have as many as twelve visitors each Tuesday night session and a bad evening is three or four pops total from ALL my music choices over six or seven hour listening session.

The ones last week that were a disaster (noise wise) were a collection of Dean Martin LP's off Ebay. I paid about $9.00 for 5 LP's and of course they were beat to death. When they played with a lot noise, it was expected. The goal with these was content, wondering if any were worth pursuing in mint condition.

Thomas, was that you that was the high bidder on the " Jazz Party" open reel tape a few days ago at Ebay?
Hi Albert, no I was not the one at Ebay. Well, I don't think, it has something to do with my Cartridges or Set up. I tried those records with everything I have (Transfiguration, Zyx, Lyra, Miyabi etc.) and every Tonarm, the Result was always close. Some Needle Designs are more sensitive to that than others, but in general it was always the same result.
When I switch to an older Record, nothing special but made in the 80's for example, everything is great.

Probably I have bad luck with my Package, I order nearly everything from Acoustic Sounds, but I can't imagine, that they buy different pressings than others....
I have had no problems whatever with any of the reissues from Cisco (out of perhaps 10 purchases). By the way, their version of Britten's 'Young People's Guide to the Orchestra' is, in my opinion, an absolute must have.
Thomas. I just called Classic Records and they did have some vinyl runs where surface noise was an issue.

My LP's, with no noise, were the Blue Note reissues. Classic said those runs were OK and had to do with the fact they are Mono's.

Others, including some of the Stereo Jazz titles and the new Diana Krall had problems that are being addressed.

Considering these findings, you should ask Acoustic Sounds to replace your noisy copies.

The good news, there is a new quality control guy looking over things at the pressing plant these days, including the plating and reformulation of vinyl to comply with EPA. Seems both have played a role in the noise but they are getting their land legs back.


I looked at the closed Ebay auction again. It was Detlof that beat me out of that tape :^). You guys have an advantage right now with the dollar so low against the Euro currencies.

I can't say I blame you, buying great Jazz titles at a good value.
Thomas, I said Pressing NOT Mastering. Different pressings can yield different results based on the presses useed, where your record is in the pressing order (first or last to be pressed) batches of vinyl at the pressing facility, etc.
since moving from an excessivly noisy Lp12/Ekos/lingo set up with a Linn Klyde cartridge to a VPI SSM Lyra dorian ALL my records are free of surface noice.
bizzare but happy :)
Maybe there is no guarantee absolute of a flawless record.There is always debris left over from the manufacturing process and I blame my mishaps mostly on my own failure to clean new records before I played them.There is also the anomoly of the 180-200 gram pressing.I don't think vinyl was supposed to be produced this way.I consistently hear 70's reissues that beat the "new audiophile" pressings.Decca engineers knew in the 60's that pressing vinyl over 160 grams causes problems.