Which of these would you prefer?

Hi all. My first post on the forum, and I'm posting here because after reading these audio threads for several months, I know there is a wealth of knowledge to be tapped.
My question is this: If you were given a choice of one of these four loudspeakers free, which would you choose? The caveat being that they would be driven, for a few months at least, by a Yamaha AX-596 amp and sourced with a Pioneer Elite universal disc player in a 12 x 15 room.
1. PSB Synchrony One B
2. Green Mountain Audio Eos
3. Paradigm Signature S2
4. Usher Be-718
Even better, if you would list all 4 in your order of preference.
Thanks for you input.
Are you asking this to help you decide what speakers to buy? If so and if possible, get out and listen to them yourself. What others like might not work for you at all. That being said, I bought my speakers(not one on your list,sorry) sight/sound unseen/unheard and lucked out in a big way. Good luck to you also.
PSB is very good, Usher is pretty good, Paradigm is good. Never heard Green Mountain. all relative to price. IMO.
I'd go with the Green Mountain Audio Eos personally. I've had personal experience w/ this particular company & I like the speaker designer, his products & most importantly the way the music sounds thru Green Mtn speakers. These are 1st order x-over speakers that are time-coherent & phase coherent & the music sounds right when played thru them. According to me nothing else sounds as good. Of course, IMHO from my personal experience. FWIW.
I agree with Bombaywalla. I have owned several of Roy's speakers and currently own the C3 HDs. GMA makes fantastic speakers. Of the other three I have only heard the Usher and preferred the Callistos I owned at the time.