Which turntable to keep?

Hi All--

Some advice/opinions please. I have two turntables and the wife says that's one too many since we only have a spot for one currently. I have a Dual 1229 and an Elac Miracord 50H II. Both look good and are fully functional. If she insists that I sell one, which one should it be and why?




Good question!  Personally, I have always been partial to a Dual and frankly I think it is a better TT than the Miracord.  On eBay, you can get almost twice as much for the Dual as the Miracord, so clearly a lot of folks think so as well, and there is a message there.

Another option, and a better option besides, is selling both, adding some pennies, and buying a better TT.  Most of the TT's in the $500 to $700 price range are significantly better than either of these vintage units. The Dual is a cool, vintage unit, but if it was my system, I'd sell both and upgrade.

You didn't mention what cartridge you have on them and that is a significant issue as well.  

If no sentimental value for either, sell both and upgrade. If should keep one that could be Dual, better player and easier to find spares if needed.


Sell both and buy a turntable that plays CDs!  😆

OK, sell both and get a Rega.

Or not. 

Get a Luxman, Ayre, or Esoteric CD spinner.

You'll never want to listen to vinyl records ever again.

Or not.

Just my 2C...

Thanks for the input, everyone. Both units were given to me by my elderly dad when he downsized, so there's no diff in sentimental value between the two. I have no interest in spending more to upgrade since my wife insisted on built-in speakers in our home since she didn't want to see speakers sitting in the room. In other words, it's far from a setup that would benefit from a top end TT. Sounds like I'll be keeping the Dual.

Happy wife happy life!  

I built vintage stereo system, she choose speakers that matched the living room. Setup a single power button and she can use her phone to play amazon music. 

Problem solved lol :)