who do i contact to make custom plastic cassette cases and shells?

i am going to start making cassette tapes, and have designed cassette shells and some fuji-style slim cases. who do i contact? 
Fuji for one.. LOL are there Copy rights? I'd doubt it..

Don't stop there. Reel to Reel to.. Pre recorded with a GREAT new medium all for a reasonable price.. You got my vote..

Unless you can find the original injection molds for those cassette cases your in for a rude awakening on having new molds built. Plastic injection mold are not cheap. The original molds were probably at least 24 cavity and designed for a fast cycle time.

I would look for an existing manufacture, probably in China and talk to them.
You would need a huge market for the finished product to even think about starting from scratch.
Where will you source the tape from? High quality recording tape isn't commonly available these days.

@leemurray2007 Have you contacted ATR Magnetics?
https://www.atrtape.comTo my understanding they are the only US manufacturer still making cassettes.
Why would you even think of doing this? Anyway you’ve come to the wrong place with your endless questions about a dead medium. There are actual forums for tape junkies. Find one.
I agree with lewm…this forum ceased being helpful long ago. If you want snarky opinions, you’re in the right place. 
Check with the guys over at tapeheads.net. However, what you seek may be very hard to find.