Who is Most Beautiful female singer ever

I say Jewel and Debbie Harry.
Susanah Hoffs from The Bangles! How can anyone forget those eyes in the "Manic Monday" video.
Let's broaden the category a little- The SEXIEST Female Singer alive today is SADE. She has several DVDs out and her stage presence and performances are Stunning. SADE possesses a womanly sensuality which leave the young little cuties- Shania, Brittany etc.- in the dust!! In a world dominated by sub 25 year old, scantilly clad hotties-a truly sexy WOMAN is a welcome alternative- particularly for those of us old enough to be Brittany's father(Bob Dole excepted!).
What a pathetic damn thread. As if we don't all have eyes. I've always suspected that the fantasy angle is what was behind a lot of audiophiles' seeming obsession with female vocal music, and this stupid display tends to confirm it. But then again, I learned long ago to be wary of audiophiles' motivations and taste when it comes to actual music. BTW, have you ever seen what a group of typical male audiophiles looks like?! (...And we wonder why there are so few women among us.)

Now you'll please excuse me so I can go pull out my Pretenders and B-52's LP's...