Who is Most Beautiful female singer ever

I say Jewel and Debbie Harry.
Shania Twain. Debbie Harry WAS extremely SEXY. Jewel is CUTE. Faith Hill isn't bad. Brittney Spears and Christina -You wanna do you no' what.
Shania Twain, Britney Spears, Sarah McLachlin, Faith Hill, Mariah Carey. Singing is just icing on the cake...and I don't care for Britney's style of music at all.
Toni Halliday of Curve is stunning. There's poster with her and her bandmate, Dean Garcia in thier "Horror Head" single LP. I framed mine.
Tori Amos... If you've never seen her perform (even on TV) you should check it out... I've never wanted to be a piano bench so badly in all my life. ALso, if we're being thorough, Milla Jovovich, from Dazed and Confused, THe Fifth Element, and The Messenger, is a Revlon Cover Girl,a highly paid model, and Yep, she has a band. SHe actually is pretty good. Diana Krall is fairly hot on her CD, perhaps it really isnt representative though. Jeez, you guys missed so many... Heather Nova, Madonna, Jewel?Eck! Toni Braxton, Vanessa Williams(oops, Jsbail beat me), Fiona Apple, Baby Spice (lol), THe other Chick that sang with Cass, Jennifer Love Hewitt (yep, she's got an album), Sheryl Crowe, Aimee Mann, 2 of the Bangles, Belinda Carlilse, 1 chick from Wilson Phillips, 2 members of Banannarama, Stevie Nicks from the "Rumours" era, Paula Cole ? it depends on the angle. Nancy Sinatra was hot(for a second), Marilyn Monroe ("She sang"...)well, that's all I got right now, but I'll be back.
Wendy Wilson of Wilson Phillips. Here's her pic. http://thunder.prohosting.com/~carniefn/frames/pics/Y-ww2.gif Also, i like Laura Branigan.
Lena Horne, without a doubt, oh wait a minute, Mary Wells was there too. This is a most interesting thread. Eva Cassidy might have had the most beautiful voice or been the best non-operatic singer (certainly one of my 2 or 3 favorites) and you couldnt help falling in love with her singing, but she wasn't exactly a looker. There were so many in the late 60s early 70s. The young Emmylou Harris was very attractive. Martha Davis of the Motels. Barbara Keith, who now in her early 50s sings with her husband and stepson in the band called the Stone Coyotes. Marilyn Monroe did make a recording, so she qualifies. Currently, Shania Twain is hard to take your eyes off of. And on the other side of thte coin, the least appealing, totally unattractive and talentless "singer" around is Brittney Spears. I remember seeing in a news story a while back that a Brittney Spears look-alike contest was won by a boy.
Margo Timmins of Cowboy Junkies, as it turns out, is drop dead gorgeous. I just found that out via a recent Cowboy Junkies 90 min. VHS tape of a live concert. The tape quality, both video and audio, wasn't all that great but I enjoyed it greatly as they are a favorite of mine. BTW, it's available at www.cowboyjunkies.com. Psst....I also like Diana Krall (sorry Margo). Cheers. Craig
I gotta tell you, John_1, if you've ever seen Cecilia Bartoli sing in person, you'd probably think differenly about her. One word--freaky. I must publicly note, however, that I think that this post is ridiculous. We really need to stop judging all of a woman's other values after the way that she looks. Besides, most of us, or at least many of us, listen to two channel hi-fi systems. What does a person's appearance matter in this circumstance? Go ahead and tell me that, no matter what I do, many men will continue to judge women by their physical appearances, just as many women will judge men by their money. That won't stop me. I will fight on!
to Kurtisjeffers......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA........get over it mamas boy! lololol
The ones that look the best seldom have the talent. Some look hot but artificial. Last month I caught part of a show on Austin City Limits with Shelby Lynne. Talented, sexy and real, she gets my vote. Last year my Lucinda Williams and Macy Gray both spent much time on my CD, so I guess its not all about looks. Recently Kelly Hogan has become a habit, dont know what she looks like but really love this disc.
Have to agree with Marklivia. The "Coors" are damn good looking (especially one of them - can't remember what here name is) Being Irish, I'm biased though :-)
Belinda Carlisle (Oh Baby!), Pat Benatar (Yum Yum), and, somebody stop me, Doris Day!
All of the responses so far have been female pop singers. I'd add the following jazz and classical singers as well: Jazz: Bessie Smith; Ma Rainey; Billie Holiday; Ella Fitzgerald; Carmen McRae; Sarah Vaughn; Ernestine Anderson; and Betty Carter. Classical/opera: Eleanor Schumann-Heinck; Kirstin Flagstad; Maria Callas; Hildegard Behrens; Grace Bumbry; Montserrat Caballe; Leontyne Price; Renata Scotto; Joan Sutherland; and Kiri Te Kanawa.
I think some people are being mislead with the title of the post....please gentlemen, let us keep focused on the premise of the post, BEAUTIFUL SINGERS....that can be used to focus on physical appearance and also on singing. DIANA KRALL, from all those who are alive. BILLIE HOLIDAY from the times past and also, Stacey Kent, especially the way she is presented in her last album. TORI AMOS, I have seen her, not beautiful but most definetly erotic in gesturing and tantalizing in vocal performance.
......I fell in love with Cowboy Junkies Margo Timmins long before I saw a good picture of her. Cheers. Craig.
Oh Oh Oh !!! I have one that was discovered last year. Sandy Denny from Fairport Convention, and Solo. The most angelic voice that I have ever heard.
There are many "new country" female artists that are very hot. Faith Hill in the "breathe" video, new hairstyle looks like scarecrow though, Shania Twain very solid, many more. Jenifer Lopez is "latino heat"
Olivia Newton John, yes thats a good one. I forgot to mention her. Also, Sheena Easton
toss-up between Patti Smith and the early days of Donny Osmond. This is a tough and most provocative thread. thanks.
Most beautiful voice....Natalie Merchant, Overall most beautiful...I'm sure Heidi Klum can sing a ditty or two...lol.
Being from Texas, a young Nanci Griffith and Tish Hinajosa. Both are so talented along with being very cute. Rebecca Pidgeon looks a little like what Charlotte Church's older sister would be. Never the less .... Grandmother on Raven ... hot!
Lena Horne certainly is one of the most beautiful female singers of the past century. She has also retained her beauty even at her present senior age.
What do you like better sugar or spice? How can there be one? There are too many. I certainly agree with many of the above but what about Josephine Baker for pure passion. What a looker. Another little cutie from Brazil, if anyone remembers is Susha. She sang to the kiddies and was really a big deal in Brazil and made an impact at least in Florida. I'm sure another big part of her success was daddy was watching her approvingly in her tight cut shorts and revealing top. She was married to Pele at one time. What a babe. I could look at her 24 hours a day. This thread is about babes that sing as much as talent, right?
If we MUST get into purely musical beauty, I'd have to also nominate Shirley Horn-- a spectacular voice. Never have seen a good picture of her though-- sometimes wonder why-- not important though.
Saw Sheena Easton in concert once, stunning. She was singing some jazz standards and did a fine job as well.
Tubegroover, I think you should know Sushia (shuxia?) was a porn star befor she played on the children's television shows in Brasil.
Shuxia, now there's a STUNNING woman. Those kids have no idea how lucky they are. I saw a feature on her once in the newspaper. Had to tune in just to see her. Wow!
Well I should have at least gotten the spelling right since I have one of her albums! Got it for my 3 year old nephew (yeah, sure) who turned flush everytime he heard her sing. Great bubble gum pop. Yes Wsmatau I know about her. She was quite the rage when I first visited Brazil in the late 80's. From all accounts she is also quite a good businesswoman. If it weren't for Pele's support (he's a god in Brazil on the order of MJ here), she very well may have remained in the porn industry. She was absolutely great with the kids and it was unlike anything I have ever seen here. A show with cross appeal to children and adults (men) as noted above. Even the women liked her.
I first fell in love with Linda Ronstadt, then Stevie Nicks, then the background singing sister from Heart. (Also, Grace Slick's voice used to make me weak in the knees.) Now, I am so much more mature and above all that kind of nonsense. After their Saturday Night Live gig, I have settled for any or all three of the Coors sisters. [:)]
Charlie I'll never forget seeing Fleetwood Mac the 1st time in the mid 70's @ an outdoor concert in Tampa FL. Stevie was in one of her tradmark black (I also saw her once in white) Chiffon outfits. There was a breeze blowing across stage and her hair was flowing with the dress as she sung "Gold Dust Woman". I was close to the stage. My knees buckled watching and listening. She was captivating.
Will, I remember wondering if I could get past that huge roadie in between me and the stage!