Who makes the best boxes for shipping albums. Not bulk, just a few at a time

I need to buy boxes to ship albums that I'm selling.  I have bought them in the past, but don't recall where I got them.  I checked the forums to see if I could find something in the archives, but all of what I found was unrelated.  I appreciate any info on a good source for a good box!


Best: for me is least expensive to keep shipping cost down for buyer.

I’m not selling collectibles, so I can keep it simple, and keep shipping costs down, nothing fancy: lp in it’s sleeve, in a box. watch your unit price, look out for excess shipping costs

here’s .60c each, free delivery (add tax).


They fold, either 1/2" or 1". Typically: just 1/2/3 lps Inside: I use usps priority mail stiff envelopes tripled over. like a spring, to take up the extra inside height, cushion the lp/lps if only a few. fed ex letter envelopes the same, any stiff cardboard that can be rolled to be like a spring.

Recently I sent 100 to one nephew, 50 to the other. You can fit 8-10 lps in the 1" height, tape em tight, they all arrived safely.

If BEST means best method/protection for collectibles, that’s a whole different category of box.

I buy albums from Amazon, and the boxes they use are very protective (new lp with lp in the sleeve), I save the boxes. Others, remove the vinyl from the sleeve, add new static free liners, ...

IF you are selling collectibles, buyers will pay, AND give you high feedback for your excellent/safe packaging, which gives future buyers confidence, your list of satisfied customers grow.

My methods, more common R2R tapes/LP's, I have 100% rating. I stopped for a while, I've got to get back to selling. Even desirable rock, say bid up to $75., I shipped with my .60c box/inner spring, happy customer.

I save the cartons I receive LP's in, the one used by Acoustic Sounds being the best. That way when I ship I don't need to buy one.

If the OP is anywhere near Northern Colorado, I have a garage full of top-notch LP mailers that I would be more than happy to give you some for free.  I have lots & lots.

Acoustic Sounds, Music Direct, Plaidroom Records, etc.  I only keep the really nice ones.  I've thrown away/recycled hundreds of the plain jane type mailers.

Anyone who is close and needs some, please let me know.

Mofimadness, I wish I was closer to CO.  I keep the boxes too, but I'm down to my last couple.