Who woulda thunk?

In their wildest dreams who would have thought some 20-30 years ago that Led Zeppelin would be background music for Cadillac. Or Best Buy would have the Cars.
I still chuckle when I'm in the grocery store and hear Steely Dan's Hey Nineteen in the background - ....the Quervo Gold, the fine Columbian, make tonight a wonderful thing....don't they listen to these things, or don't they get it?
Any other commercial or background music got your attention lately?
You know who started this ruining of classics - Buggs Bunny. Forever will I envision Elmer Fudd in a viking helmet when I hear Wagner. Thanks god it wasn't Mozart.
How about hearing Iggy Pop doing "Lust For Life", The Buzzcocks doing "What Do I Get", Trio doing "DA DA DA", etc... on TV commercials??? You're right, who woulda thunk it??? All of these "outsiders" have sold out to crass commercialism. Sean

PS... Actually, i'm just kidding. I'm glad to see stuff like this from bands that i loved back in my "yoot". It may help others to find some more great music from these bands / performers.
Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit! I heartily disagree - I believe that having that classical music with bugs bunny introduced a whole generation to classical music. Remember the Rabbit of Seville?
Ya know who is missing? The Doors. "Light My Fire" is *made* to sell something.

I gather JM did something odd in the early days of the band, and set things up so that all four were equal owners of the publishing rights. The ability to use The Doors' music in commercial contexts, therefore, can be vetoed by a single band member, and one of them has taken a hard line stance. Can't remember which one, but I do remember reading his defense of his position. He effectively said that too many people had come up to him out of the blue and said "I'll never forget [Song X] because it was playing when I [first made love]/[first stepped off the plane in Vietnam]/etc." I think his view was that by commercializing the songs, it cheapens in some way the associations fans had with the music.

Interesting viewpoint.
Hopefull no one here is stupid enough to buy something based on the music in the background. If so, call me, I'll put on some music and sell you a bunch of stuff I have that I'm giving to the goodwill.

Having said that, more power to the artist's, especially if they can get corporate powers to pay big bucks for the songs.
The most offensive sellout is the perverted use of Jefferson Airplane's "VOLUNTEERS", with the almost mantra like chant
"Start a revolution,
Start a revolution!"
Now "Start a revolution" is now used as a music bed for AN ONLINE STOCKBROKER! I remember the influence that this song had on the counter-culture in the '70's, and the resulting questioning of the traditional power structures in the USA. It was also one of the Anti-war (Vietnam) movement anthems. Now, she has pimped her music one of the very institutions that the song was meant to bring down. Ah, better living through ethanol!

)I just saw this commercial AGAIN, and I feel ill, AGAIN!)
Well I guess this ain' nothing new. I remember back in the 50's or 60's the dog food co; Rival; and the dogs barking to a Straus waltz.---Are all their dogs barking?
It didn't translate Scotty_910, but I was kidding - well you're right, mostly kidding.
Hearing Greg Lake's 'I Believe In Father Christmas' in almost every supermarket before christmas.
Has anybody actually ever listened to the whole lyrics?
Jon & Vangelis's State of Independence was used in a perfume commercial as well....i think some of these artists see it as an easy way for melody recognition...i cant blame them.