Why are there so many wooden box speakers out there?

I understand that wood is cheap and a box is easier to make than a sphere but when the speaker companies charge tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for their speakers, shouldnt consumers expect more than just a typical box? Are consumers being duped?

Back in the 70’s a speaker engineer found that a sphere was best for a speaker. A square box was the worst and a rectangular box was marginally better.

The speaker engineers have surely known about this research so why has it been ignored?

Cabasse is the only company doing spheres. Should wooden boxes be made illegal


the question should be why are so many manufacturers using wood like guitars, furniture, etc.  I guess the old violins are not worthless right!


It seems easier to make changes to a design for example tweeter placement, just out a new piece of wood and drill a new how instead of re-tooling to make a change to hear the differences.

Happy Listening.

Wood is a great material for speakers. Should they use injection molded plastic? Not.