Heresy's II Finally Sound Right-sorry if there's a place i should have put this post....

Bought some Heresy IIs off a guy on craigslist in Boston, $400, great shape. I read they should be re-cap'd by Bob Crites so i sent in and picked up some titanium tweeters too. The boards were redone and i put them in along with the new tweeters. Sounded better but pretty flat... But i was using a Rotel A12 Receiver with 60wpc and a great reputation for being quality yet affordable integrated SS amp (probably some snickers from the real audiophiles on here...). It was ok. I "upgraded" to the A14 Rotel at 80wpc, same results. Then i realized what everyone was talking about with the efficiency of the Klipsch speakers not needing a ton of power, and they Loved tube amps. So not being a rich dude, i picked up the Yaquin 13S after reading some terrific reviews. I know it has it's drawbacks in flexibility, but the 40wpc feeding the Heresy II's is simply astounding. I FINALLY stood there, with a grin on my face and said "Are you F$%i Kidding Me?" out loud. That magic feeling. And that's with just $400 speakers, $150 recap/tweeter, $700 tube amp, ~$1,400 (at the time) integrated SS amp, so say $2750 all in. I'm one happy 2 Channel Listener.

And BTW, for all those that say the Heresy's have no bass, well they do, and it's just right for my listening tastes (not a club or hip hop listener). As far a flexibility of the yaquin, maybe i'm missing something but i don't think i can plug in the Klipsch subwoofer i have to it. It's a powered sub so if i could just find a connection for it even on the Rotel i'd be happy but apparenlty using the Pre-Outs for the Yaquin means i'm out of options. Not that i need the sub anyways as i was saying. I don't mind nixing kit from the room.

If your happy I’m happy.

One of my earliest recollections as a kid was, JBL and Klipsch, horns.

Say what they may, they can sound very good. I like um..

Cool! Think about selling the Rotel and getting something like the Schiit Saga preamp for $399. It has 2 pairs of rca outputs so you can connect the sub.

Glad you are in musical bliss. Never owned tubes but have heard them with many a Klipsch Heritage and the combination is magical.

Been putting off my recap for my Heresy 2's way too long.  Recapped my Heresy 1's about 10 years ago and and added one of Bob's custom tweeters the CT-125.  Woke those old tired babies right up.

Excellent !....Most Klipsch subs have a high level input ( speaker terminals ), so if your model does, it hooks up via another set of speaker wires from the amp output, without disturbing anything. Also, use Dynamat, or Peel and Seal, to dampen the mid horn. A big upgrade in cleanliness, imo, and, ime. Enjoy !
Hey thanks for the cool responses and great input on tweaks!  I figured i'd get trolled for such a basic set up but instead this appears to be a community about Enjoying Music, however one decides to do that, and not about tearing another persons approach down. Right On!
Very cool. I have a set of Heresy 1s and a set of Quartets in regular use. The Quartets are hooked up to a Vincent SV 500 and they really sing. I used damping material on all the horns and found the sound much more to my liking. No other upgrades yet but capping the crossovers is in the future. The knowledgable Klipsch guys say to consider elevating Heresys. You might consider. Good listening. 
Bob Crites is the Man when it comes to repairing Klipsch....his Ti tweeter diaphrams are better than OEM in my opinion.  I picked my bro up some IIs and I'm gonna call Bob next week for a parts kit 
I dont have much time listening to the original tweeters however the titanium ones provide highs i cant believe. So crisp. 
Glad you are liking your setup.

I too started with a Yaqin MC-13s with my Klipsch Forte III.

I did the Russian PIO caps upgrade myself with the Yaqin and it sounded way more smoother than the sand cast stock caps.

Eventually I upgraded to a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum and finally to a Line Magnetic SET amp but still using my Klipsch Forte III.

I'm sure i'm on the money sucking never ending path to improvements and upgrades. I'm already looking at Cornwalls.I would like a newer speaker though. To tell the truth, half the reason i like the Klispch speakers is how they look. They look like they will pump out warm full sound. And even the smallest of them like i have (H2's) do just that. Modern speakers probably sound better, but they are too small, ha ha, sounds funny to complain about that being an issue as most would like the speaker to take up less space. We had Klipsch Horns in my Fraternity house back  in the day and i was ruined from then on. Thanks for the PIO upgrade info

i figured out how to use powere sub that doesnt have multi outs just one set of rca.    I use an rca jack with +\- wires for each plug and i plug into the rca out from powered sub and thread one set of rca wires to the +\- screw terminals for left channel on amp and do same with other for right channel, keeping banana plugs connected to speakers from amp of course.  Signal goes to sub Without robbing from speaker signals .