why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable

I have tried expensive cables and one's moderately priced. I would say there were some differences but I can't actually say the expensive cables were better. IMHO I believe a lot of people buy expensive cables because they don't actual trust their ears and are afraid of making a mistake. They figure the expensive cables are better for the fact they cost more. If you have a difference of opinion or share the same thoughts, I would like to hear about it.
I should have been more precise and say that when purchasing, go for a make that has been annealed, cryo'd, or anything else that can be done to suit your needs. It was implied on my part.

Oh, the nature of these threads.

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I wasn't finding fault. I've annealed metals before, but not cables. I just wanted to find out what you used to heat the cable uniformly and at what temperature.
Lol. You have to figure out how to keep enough of your own. In Texas, you get it or you don't. Anyway. Thanks for telling us we are all fools we didn't know that. You are so smart. Pure unadulterated genius!!! We are so gullible. We can't spel or cownt done here. Lol. I'm glad we got people like you to tell us how foolish we are with the money we make. Obviously we can't hear either.
Exotic metals, cryogenic treatments, various unsulation materials, cable geometry/gauge and welding techniques all have a certain effect on the signal. All have varying degrees of success in hitting certain audiophile hot buttons. At the end of the day few can deliver comprehensive superior performance that retains musicality, accurate tone, dynamics and articulation at the frequency extremes under varying volume levels. They are all wires. My ear hears significant enhancements of the musical signal only with MIT and Transparent cables. They actually address significant problems with signal transfer and have technologies that work consistently across their range of cables. Hocus locus and wire voodoo does little to increase listening satisfaction.