Why does it take so long to get stuff?

So I ordered some speakers from my hifi dealer - $4500 ProAC’s. I was told they would be 3-5 weeks for delivery. Now I love the audio store and value the dealer network but in this day and age why does anything take 5 weeks. I went with the ProAc due to the dealer support etc but an alternative was a Buchardt speaker. 

Buchardt was $2500, gets great reviews, and arrives in 1-4 days anywhere in the world. 

In the UK the ProAC speakers are, in todays Exchange rates, roughly $3300. Now I don’t mind the mark up (but it’s a lot). Now assuming the dealer has them in stock why can’t they direct ship to me, or the store in 48 hours. I think it’s time the traditional manufacturers started adopting this style of approach - everyone in the chain can still get their mark up - but customers who be able to get what they want quicker. 

This delay is just making me question my purchase — I guess I’m too impatient but it’s the reality of commerce these days. 



@bluorion - I’m pretty sure someone is about to jump in here and say blue sounds better as it reflects electromagnetic signals better :). 

I’ve been struggling not to go and buy speakers I can get now :) 

Don't you just love it when kenjit says,

It takes time to cut the wood, glue them together, wait for the glue to dry, cut the holes, polish the wood, paint it, fit the drivers, solder the capacitors and coils to the PCB and test them to make sure they work etc. If they run out of any of the parts needed then you will suffer delays.

And in the immediately following post says,

I am not sure I agree with you there. Most speakers are not custom tuned. They are mass produced in large numbers and then stored in the factory ready to be shipped out to the dealers. 

Who said you can't keep two opposing (and contradictory) thoughts in your head at the same time (when it's convenient)?

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