why does my plasma tv screen occasionally blank

I have a Samsung PN42A450 connected via hdmi to pioneer elite vsx 92 txh receiver. my time warner hd cable box is also connected to the receiver via hdmi.
My problem is every few weeks on some occasions the tv screen goes completly blank and black for a second or two without any sound and then comes back to normal. this keeps repeating sometimes every few minutes.Please advice
thank you.
I have an Elite Pro 151fd and this happens to mine to but I have noticed it has only been while watching MNF in Hi Def
It can be a number of things :

1) outlet is bad and the only way to know is to have the tech use his/her signal meter and to verify the levels on certain channels. Any extra splitters in the house ? A splitter under 900 mHZ will cause this problem also.

2) bad cable from the tap to the house ( whether its underground or aerial ). Might even be the tap itself .

3) how many outlets are active in the house ( even if the tv's arent on, they are still "active " )? Which might need an amp, and the only way to know for sure is to verify levels with a signal meter.

4) could be a system problem . Tech would have to track it back to the first amp and might go as far as taking it back to the node to see what is causing the problem. Could also be a head-end problem or even the station itself having the problem.

5) Cold weather also plays a part and the amps that are out on the line might just need to be readjusted....some do this automatically, but some dont.

These are just a few of the things that could be causing your problem.
sorry i actually noticed that the sound is there only my screen goes black..so i tested by putting a dvd in the dvd player also connected via hdmi to my receiver and it plays fine..so i am guessing its the cable box. i will change it and see.
I had the same problem and found it was indeed the cablebox.
replace it and it should be fine.
It's likely none of the above, save for the note on it being the box itself.

When I had Time warner, then later called Bright house, and now Verizon FIOS, updating the software inside the box can and does sometimes cause the video to drop out... sometimes both the audio and video drop out for a litte bit.. seconds or a minute.

With FIOS this happens nightly between 2 - 4AM. the cable co is looking to see what PPV movies I've watched, IF ANY, and updating their software or simply checking to see how many boxes are connected. Sometimes these actions will necessitate a reset of the box too.

oft times the cable co will say it's not them or it's not supposed to do that, but it is them and as it happens so far off peak times, while we're supposedly sleeping, very few folks ever mention it to them.

Do try another box though too.
All the aforementioned items herein may well be it too and if a simple replacement of the converter doesn't fix things, then look there.

Another item too could be the sender. the ch sending the info to the cable co can sometimes have intermittent drop outs. I assumed however, that as no particular ch was mentioned this was a global event... no matter the channel, it would happen now and then.

Could be a wealth of things, bugs, birds, rats, sun spots, immensely brief periods of narcolepsy, but I'll go with the box itself first... as all else is working without this irritating event.
WOW , talk about timing !!!

I am having the same problem with my Samsung plasma tv , model #HP-R4252X , and Brighthouse cable service .

The tv will go blank , as if you turned it off . Sometimes for just a few seconds and sometimes as long as a minute or two . When it comes back sometimes it is clear and sometimes it will have digital artifacts either in the video or audio or both .
This will not only happen on just the plasma tv but will also happen , at the same time , on our other tv which is analog and tuned to a different channel .

I am currently playing the fixit game with Brighthouse , on my equipment , to no avail ! So far they have made the following changes , repairs and checks :
1.) Three new HD box's for the plasma and one new digital box for the analog tv (digital for the music in my 2 channel room). Actually two of the HD box's were rebuilts and the last one is brand new .
2.) New ends and patch cords from the wall to the cable box's.
3.)A new (thicker...they have two types of cable the thicker one is capable of carying more info and is shielded) cable from the terminal/junction box to the box mounted on my house .
4.)A new box mounted on the side of my house .
5.)A check of all of my inside cable runs and replacement of the ones found to be noisy .
6.)Splitter changed twice .
7.)New connections made in the new box on the side of my house .
8.)A check of the new line from the terminal/junction box to the new box on the side of my house .
9.)Three modem changes . Yes I am having problems with my internet going down intermittenly like the tv and my phone service too !

The status now is twofold . First they found "noise" in the line supplying the junction/terminal box and they have requested a check of that line . They never followed through . A second request was made and is still pending after a week . You have to call to find out the results and make sure that they will do it !
They are coming out Monday to check all of my inhouse telephone lines .

These 'visits' have been going on for a couple of months now and I have not had any positive results . As a matter of fact the tv problem is what started it and it has now progressed to the internet and telephone service . It is getting worse not better !

Most of the problems happen during the daytime Monday through Friday . This is the time of high bandwidth demand from their commercial customers .
And all of this through an aging infrastructure originally designed for regular tv signal transmission only !
I am sure that they have upgraded and renewed the equipment in their receiving stations and transmission terminals . I know that they have not upgraded or renewed the aging , rusty and leaning junction/terminal box's in my neighborhood within the 20+ years that I have lived here . And they have not replaced or renewed the line feeding these box's in at least 10 years !

I wonder just how bad can Verizon be ?

Sorry for the rant .

Good luck .


VERIZON FIOS has less bugs. Service and billing are another issue altogether. Some of their techs too are ham handed and thoughtless. Mostly however any issues I've had were resolved within a day... depending on what and when the issue arose. which was far quicker than bright house cable/time warner's response time for any issue.

The service I had the least trouble with was DTV. once the thunderstorm passed from being directly overhead, all was well. but of course... no phone or web.

Verizon billing just flat out is terrible. In my area following some outage of any portion of service, the customer has to call billing to ensure a credit is applied for it. it is not automatic as was with all other com providers.

their package prices are not uniform either, and they will not inform current customrers of further savings until you inquire personally. To correct one such instance took four months of me calling them each month before a final resolution or remedy was delivered.

I must say however, the quality of the phone line, web, and video are very very, good.

Pray for FIOS or get DTV for less troublesome video. Then all you have to worry about are trees, airplanes, birds, squirrels, slow moving storms, and sun spots.

uh... I'll pray too.
wow i never expected all these responses but my problem is more i notice with the hd channels than the regular channels and also i did not see the problem in summer, and winter in buffalo new york where i live now is pretty cold and coming to the wiring there are multiple splitters and also the wiring is pretty old!....im yet to call time warner sigh!
i also forgot to mention my internet and vonage voip runs on the same line too but i dont have any internet problems and im constantly downloading and uploading via torrent.
I have occassionally some dropouts when changing channels from HD to others, or vice versa. None are extended in duration though... just a couple seconds... sometimes. sometimes less... sometimes it's instantaneous.

if this is your case, I think it's a combination of things and no one device in particular. The box has to acquire it... likely, buffer it... transmit it to at least a display... and/or a processor and then to a display.

When one thinks about it, getting the HD info at all is remarkable... some say still more for it to come along a cable. I suppose my temperment is to blame as well. That and the previously faster connection speed of ariel, or SD contents ability to appear less encumbered... quicker. I got used to that quickly, and I guess I expect content that has tremendously greater body of information to duplicate that experience.

Past that when I have any trouble with gear, I look to the source from which the info comes first and try to isolate where the issue stems from following the chain downstream from there. When it happens with only one source, or only one item or two are in comon, that's where I look.

I hope your issue is resolved easily and quickly.
Well, the dropouts are beginning again even with the new box.
Time to call Cablevision.

I'm suspecting the cablebox because I'm getting dropouts while watching recorded programs via the DVR.

I'm going to try component cable next. i just hope its not the plasma.
try adding even an indoor antenna temporarily to see if it is... or hook the DVD player up to the plasma directly.

if the only source which allows the intermittent reception is the cable box, then it's not the new TV. regardless the cables being used.

Trying other sources first, AND THEN other CABLES going into the TV sure ought to isolate where the issue stems from BETTER.

Very good luck.
i decided not to call the cable company because after a day the problem just vanished..and i did not manipulate anything to solve the problem.
FYI, I was having the same problem with a lcd tv I recently purchased for a bedroom. I swapped out a cheapo Hdmi cable with one of better quality and it solved the problem. I think the connectors on the cheap cable were the problem, i.e. they did not seem to be snug in the socket.
Maybe it's the HDMI connection. This happened to me last week with an intermittent signal. My Sharp lcd tv has its patch bay towards the top of the set. It seems the weight of the cable worked the connection loose. Now, every couple of days I reinforce the connection by hand.

All this is a way of saying that the HDMI termination is ill-thought. The big corporations in Japan, Korea, and China designed it for security purposes first, consumer convenience second. Really, they could have done a better job. I think it stinks, but it's a reality
I am not using an HDMI cable but still experience the problem .
It will not happen every day . It just went 3 days without an instance at all . Today it happened twice !

I have to give credit to the Brighthouse crew , they are tenacious and dedicated !