Why Don't We Hear About Polyfusion More?

I have just picked up the 960 power amp and was majorly impressed by the sound and the build. Plus, it has output "meters", LED's that show the amp working. I had no idea the Maggies sucked so much power!

I am just curious why this company doesn't get more press or recognition with the audio press or audiophiles?
The Polyfusion 960 power amp? Never heard of it. Maybe that explains why the audio press hasn't given it much attention .
Last spring I demo'ed a used Polyfusion 960 for a couple of weeks in my home. At the time I owned a BAT vk-500 and liked the Polyf better. It had a sweeter more pristine sound than the BAT. Only problem was that with my Aerial 10T's it ran out of steam rather quickly and would begin to compress. In comparison, the BAT seemed to have an endless supply of energy. Used at $1500, it was a pretty good bargain, but I passed on it. Shortly after that, I bought a used Moon W-5 and then finally a used McCormack DNA-2 LAE amp.

The polyfusion certainly appears to be better sonically than some to many of the more popular amps.

Way back when I recalled seeing them in Stereophile's recommneded components, say '93-94. They tended to be of a more pro-audio pedigree if I recall, at least with the market they oriented themselves too, still high-end performance and price though. I kind of wonder if they just don't/didn't care to play popularity games, especially if they have a healthy market somewhere else. I could be wrong though. But Wadia used to never submit products for reviews. And I don't know if Quicksilver still doesn't, they used to be the same way and if it got a review it was cause the reviewer owned and/or bought the thing.
I think it is correct that they just don't want to get caught up in the trappings that come with the rags. They did pour a lot of money into adverstising with Stereophile. I guess it's proves that you don't get reviews by buying ad pages in the magazines. I have been through 20 different amps over the past decade and got caught up, I think, in the gear and it's pedigree. I just got through listening to music for 7 hours straight last night. I have never done that with my previous systems. And I am using a little NAD L40 receiver with built-in CD as a source!

If you are caught up in the bane of equipment upgrade after upgrade maybe this is the cure. Afterall, Polyfusion Audio is a pro gear company and they don't have that marketing strategy of trying to get the perpetual revenue stream.

If anyone would like, I can provide the list of amps that I have had over the course of the years.