Why Hardly Any High Efficient Bookshelf Speakers?

Been searching high and low. Okay, I know of Omega and Klipsch, but what else above 95db? What gives? Is there a special problem in making bookshelf speakers this sensitive?
Take a look at Wellborne Labs website. They have a list of efficient speaker makers they feel are quite good. Are they above 95db? Don't know.

Yep there is - their size. Small resonance chamber makes for a tough load in general. This is especially true for "regular" cone type speakers. Whizzer cones and horns do much better.

I owned a pair of Omega TS1s and they were very nice although a little thin sounding in general - not a fault really, just their character. They were neat speakers with infallible build quality. Good luck though - the Omegas were what I ended up with after asking the same questions as you! Arthur
Hi Tb:
Here is a short article.
Basically, if you want small and a little bass too you have to give up SLP/sensitivity.

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Look at the Galante Audio Rhapsody. It's not "smaller than a breadbox" but it is not as big as a horn system. Bass supposed ly to 50 hz, but I've not heard them; I have the larger version, the Symphony, which is 12 inch (98 db), rather than the Rhapsody's 8 inch (95 db). These do go pretty low (maybe 40) and sound great with a 2A3 amp in a "live" room. Brian Galante himself answers the phone, so service is first rate. Both models are occasionally for sale here on A'gon, which is how I got mine. They have a website: galanteaudio (all one word)
Efficiency is determined by the size of the speaker driver and the size and design of the enclosure. True efficiency is a balanced frequency response from at least 50Hz on up. Generally, this means that most 8" drivers will produce 50Hz at approximately 90db at one watt in a bass reflex cabinet. A 10" will do 93db at one watt and a 12" about 96db at one watt. A horn loaded speaker will produce more bass but the cabinet will be quite large.

Therefore, if a bookshelf speaker with a driver less than 8" has a published efficiency rating above 92db, it will most likely have a rising midrange and sound bright and tinny.
The Upper 2/3 of Edgarhorn Titan system could be considered bookshelf-sized, practically. That would leave finding room for the 80hz or so bass unit(s) somewhere else in the room. Efficiency would be in the 105+ range at least. To get that small and that efficient likely requires either compression driver(s) or Lowther/Fostex type single driver speakers, but you give up bass.

Thanks so much for the quick and informative response. I imagined this is the kind of question that gets asked often and I appreciate you guys helping me out. Take care.