WiFi Satellite Causing Phono Stage Interference


I use a Orbi WiFi satellite that connects to my audio components, including the Streamer.  I run almost entirely a McIntosh system, with the exception of my Sonore streamer.  Due to house configurations I cannot main line from the router to the audio components, so I have to use the Orbi Whole House Mesh system.

The problem is that the WiFi satellite causes some sort interference with the Mac Phono Preamp.  I can tell because one of the meters flutters.  I have actually seen this issue at audio stores as well. They had no idea what caused it, nor really seemed to care.  I finally figured it out through trial and error.  Not sure what the correct acronym is, but it does create an audible hum when I really crank up the system volume without a LP playing, but the preamp is still turned to phono.

I had the same issue in my old house, but was able to move the Orbi Satellite far away in another room by running ethernet cables around and through duct work. This new house is not so forgiving.

Wonder if anyone has had a similar situation, and if so what they did to remove the issue, aside from running 30 feet of Ethernet cable from another part of the house.  Or, if anyone has thoughts about what can be done, please exercise your thinking.

Hopefully I have given y’all a good idea of what is happening.

Thanks in advance


Hey OP,

If you put a noise source on the "clean side" of a power conditioner you can dirty the power you just cleaned up. Of course, this depends on a lot of things, including whether or not there are multiple filter banks or not.

Regardless of brand or $$$ spent, you need to make sure your cables are shielded, which many expensive brands are not. You can test this out somewhat by moving the cables around. Usually when an interconnect is acting as an antenna it’s relatively easy to hear/see the response when you push them around.

iFi makes wall wart replacements which are much cleaner and create less noise into the power line than your average wall power adapter.

If at all possible, I'd move your mesh receiver as far as possible from your stereo.  Ethernet is REALLY good, so even if you run 10' of it so your wifi units are on the other side of the room it's worth it if it keeps the rest of your system quiet.



I'm giving you a lot of different ideas based on different possible causes.

The most likely cause is probably proximity of a radio source to the turntable and interconnect cables.  The next is RF pickup in the phono stage itself, and lastly a power issue.

If you can move your mesh receiver as far from your streamer as possible, and use Ethernet to cover that distance you will probalby solve it all.



Hey Eric, just an FYI for ya, and for me actually.  I purchased a iFi power cord.  I tried that cord where the Orbi is (has been).  Some minor change but didn’t remove the fluttering phono stage meter. Then I moved the Orbi away and tried both the original power cord and the iFi power cord. No change in the fluttering meter at all.  Same as when it was adjacent to the system.

So, I just said screw it.  I unplugged every Orbi in the house and complete turned off all the WiFi.  No change is the fluttering meter.  So, it must be something else.  What I don’t know.  It solved the problem in the old house, but not this one.

But, after all the dinking, the meter doesn’t flutter as drastically as it did.  So, I’m at a loss for now.