Wilson Audio Duette - Burmester amps?


I trust you all are well.

I have just bought a pair of second hand Wilson Audio Sophia 2 speakers from US, and I look forward to receiveing them soon. For some time I have to use them in a small living room, until we move to larger house. Listening space will be approx. 4 x 4 meter. The actual living room is 4 x 8 meter large.

At this moment I have the integrated Burmester 051 amp, Burmester 061 cd player, Basis 2200 turntable with Vector 4 arm & Ortofon Kontrapunkt C pick up, Thor power purifier, Revox B77MkII reel to reel, etc.

Although the listening room is small, the next step will be to upgrade on the amp side. One solution is to sell the 051 and 061, and buy a second hand Burmester 001 cd player with built in preamp and a new Burmester 911mk3 (The Absolute Sound (USA) Golden Ear Award 2007). Do you have any experiences with Burmester and Wilson Sophia 2's?

Have a great time.

Greetings from Norway, Toffen G
Wilson speakers and Burmester gear sounds like a perfect combination. I've spent some time with the Sophia's and they are wonderfully defined and balanced. I think the slightly romantic nature of the Burmester equipment will likely bring the Sophia's to life in a way that will be extremely listenable and rewarding... with the newer equipment being all the better.
I can not help with Wilson speakers. However, you are wrong about 001 having a preamp. It has digital in so you won't be able to connect your TT. What you should do instead is get 911 and use 051 as pre.
My dad has the Wilson Sophia 2's in his office system and has gone through many types of electronics to make them sound their best. he did end up with Burmester and he and I both agree that it is the ideal match for the Wilsons. The 911, 001, 948, and the 011 are the best Wilson system I have ever heard!
Almost forgot to tell you, the 948 power conditioner made a HUGE difference. Don't forget to get it!

Thanks for your positive respons.

The 001 has two analog outputs and a volume control. However, it has no analog inputs, so you can not use a turntable. So I will go for a 011 or 035 with a 911mk3. When I get rich!

I have a Nordost Thor power purifier just now, and it works just great. I will check out the 948. Thats sure.

Cheeers! Toffen G