Wilson Sophia 3 is easier to drive than Sophia 2 ?

hi, I asked the factory and they replied:  

" The sensitivity’s are the same between the Sophia Series 2 and Series 3.  The Series 2 was measured at a voltage of 2.83 volts - the Series 3 was measured at a voltage of 2.0 volts.  When you bring in the 4 ohm impedance, the 2.83 volts adds 3 dB.

Hence, they are the same."

Sophia 2 89db

Sophia 3 87db. 

but I read many things and some say that the 3 is more difficult to drive.

Well, with sensitivities that low, you're going to need an amp with a lot of oomph to power either.
I have the sophia 3 with Mc 452 and c2600 and I feel the 452 is not enough to get the best sound out of them . I think they could use 1.2k monos instead  . Thats a huge cost increase but Im sure it would pay off. 
I had the Sophia 2 with mc452 and it moved very well.  
I imagined that 3 is harder but I wanted someone to confirm me. thanks